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LearnThruTech STEM Courses

Rewise Learning creates bespoke STEM based courses that increase engagement, enthusiasm, and interest of STEM subjects. LearnthruTech courses are stimulating and challenging but are suitable for any student's abilities.  

LearnThruTech STEM Courses

STEM_ Confidence and Coding - Ysgol Eiras July 2017

STEM_ Confidence and Coding - Ysgol Eiras July 2017

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What are LearnThruTech  Courses?

Tech & Learning.

Our LearnThruTech STEM courses make learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic subjects fun and easy to learn. Our bespoke STEM courses increase engagement, enthusiasm, and interest in STEM courses by introducing different and hands-on methods of learning. Our STEM courses are suitable to all abilities and focus on enhancing the prospects of further education or employment in STEM.​

Transferrable Skills 

The skills used in our STEM courses are transferable and encourage young people to look positively upon challenges, developing a growth mindset which can be used in personal, professional, and academic life.


Innovative Delivery

Using STEM Kits to Teach the Curriculum


Our students are set the task of building, coding, and decorating their own remote-controlled vehicle with the use of micro-controllers, computers, Bluetooth and newly learnt STEM skills. The courses are designed to utilise a whole host of essential skills that are key to achieving success in the modern, digital STEM career-scape.


Young Person Led

Our courses are young person led and we pride ourselves on the independence and freedom we give the young people to experiment during our courses. All our courses end with a final celebration to reflect on achievements and, where appropriate, a “time trial challenge” to reinforce the Making Learning Fun element that is central to the Rewise ethos. 

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Qualifications, Group Size, & more

Group Size

We are able to deliver our STEM courses to a whole variety of groups, large and small. For more information about group sizes please contact us


Courses come with a wide range of accreditation options via the NOCN Network, and include STEM & Confidence based full QCF and units. We can work flexibly to integrate different qualifications into the course to suit the requirements of specific groups.



Our LearnThruTech Coding course typically runs for between 1-5 days. We can make the STEM course bespoke to fit your school's or student's needs. 




"The best thing about the music course was the way my class not only absorbed the learning content in a creative way, but the way it challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. The changes in confidence of some individuals has been nothing short of extraordinary"


“The course and support from the Rewise team helped me get a work placement that has led to a job. The best decision I ever made was to sign up.”​


“I learned so much about how to manage a business - financial management, marketing strategy, and people management. I feel well prepared for the world of work!”​