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What is The Digital Youth Club?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge amount of upheaval to the country and more specifically to those within education. Since March, schools have been required to close several times and even  now there are local school closures and classes being asked to isolate due to outbreaks of the virus. But through necessity and challenging times arrives innovation and new ways of overcoming the obstacles before us. And through these times of chaos, the Digital Youth Club was born.

The Digital Youth Club is an online solution to disrupted education, isolation as a result of lockdown, and lack of support from peer groups, social services, and other organisations. It was created after discussions with a local education authority of how best to reach and engage with young people during times of lockdown or other factors.

The Aim

The aim of the Digital Youth Club is to engage with young people who traditionally wouldn’t have attended youth clubs area and to use STEM to engage educate and engage them in the Youth Club services operated across the client’s borough. The ultimate objective is to use the Digital Youth Club to increase the attendance in youth clubs of under-represented groups.


Activities included:

  • A series of online coding, IOT and STEM maker projects for learners to complete at home.

  • Young people engage with live online sessions with tutors and their peers.

  • Each maker project contains a series of video tutorials, outlining how young people complete/build each maker project.

  • Other elements can be included later such as wellbeing or arts modules.


Maker projects include:

  • Making a remote control Car/Surfbus.

  • Making Bluetooth controlled Speaker.

*Each of the above maker projects opened on a termly basis to suit the youth club calendar


At the end of the cycle a final celebration with young people, parents, local STEM industry leaders and youth workers is organised to celebrate the achievements of the young people who partook and promote the project to the next cohort.

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Project Outcomes

  • Increasing Young people knowledge of local youth service provision.

  • Increasing the number of young people attending youth clubs from marginalised groups.

  • Engagement with Coding, design, and tech.

  • Improved STEM/Digital literacy Skills.

  • Knowledge of STEM applications, learning pathways, career options.

  • Improved problem-solving abilities.

  • Improved motivation & aspiration.

  • Improved Confidence. 

  • Better Social skills, self-esteem, and confidence.

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