Swansea City AFC Community Trust 

Swansea City AFC Community Trust, the heart of the club and local communities, was set up to improve the lives of individuals and neighborhoods from Bridgend to Haverfordwest. They came to Rewise Learning to create a bespoke branded education programme and deliver it for one of their on-going confidence boosting courses for young people who are NEET (not in education, employment, or training) as part of the club’s Sign Up To Success (SUTS) project.

The Swansea Way

Swansea City AFC Community Trust


The club’s Community Trust has an ongoing project called SUTS (Sign Up To Success). It is funded by PLPFA and partner organisations, including Meadow Prospects amongst others, and aims to tackle personal and vocational barriers for young people, one of the most common obstacles being low confidence and self-esteem. They do this by offering an array of accredited qualifications, training opportunities and workshops.


Rewise Learning created a bespoke music-based programme for the project which aimed to challenge and push the young participants outside their comfort zones to help raise their confidence/self-esteem. The focus was to create a new anthem for Swansea City AFC.


What is The Swansea Way?


“The Swansea Way” was the new anthem that was created for SCFC by NEET individuals. A group of young people, with the help of our Rewise team, created a song to pay tribute to the club and to their favourite Swans players over the years. They also had the challenge to create their own backing track in their chosen genre, and record the final song. 

They were welcomed to Liberty Stadium to perform the new anthem by the very players they wrote and sang about such as Federico Fernandez, Alan Curtis, and Lee Trundle. In addition, they were filmed for a special section on Match of the Day where they performed their new anthem accompanied by Cwmdare Voices Choir and the LearnThruMusic Team.


The project aimed to challenge and push the young participants outside their comfort zones to help raise their confidence/self-esteem and succeeded with great outcomes. A participant said “You don’t really get an opportunity like this where we live. To write and record a song has really helped with my confidence” proving that the program was more than worthwhile.

Muddy Soccer

What We Did

  • Create and deliver a bespoke branded educational programme alongside the project’s guidelines.

  • Improve participant’s soft and hard skills through song writing, composition, and performance of songs.

  • Challenging and pushing participants outside of their comfort zones to help raise their confidence and self-esteem.


Programme Outcomes:

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem of participants through performance of anthem. 

  • Increased awareness of Swansea City AFC Community Trust with a wider audience as shown on national TV.





"The best thing about the music course was the way my class not only absorbed the learning content in a creative way, but the way it challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. The changes in confidence of some individuals has been nothing short of extraordinary"


“The course and support from the Rewise team helped me get a work placement that has led to a job. The best decision I ever made was to sign up.”​


“I learned so much about how to manage a business - financial management, marketing strategy, and people management. I feel well prepared for the world of work!”​