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Whether you want bespoke educational courses for your school/learning setting or extra educational resources, Rewise Learning can make learning fun for students of all abilities.


We Make Learning Fun

We believe the best way to engage learners is to make education fun. Our education courses and education resources are designed help learners reach their potential by teaching through creative means, through technology, and hands on activities.

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education courses and resources for schools
educational courses for schools

Rewise Learning has worked with hundreds of schools across the UK, providing them with bespoke alternative learning projects suitable for all abilities. We aim to ensure students leave school with qualifications, a positive experience, and increased self-confidence.

Rewise Learning's past bespoke educational courses have included learning to code, anti-knife crime projects, poetry and creative art projects, film and animation courses, and many others.


Rewise Learning provides alternative learning projects within all types of learning settings such as pupil referral units, children’s secure units and community-based settings. Our alternative education projects ensure young people have fun whilst learning creatively through hands-on learning.

rewise learning alternative education courses for people in differen
education courses and resources for schools

Rewise Learning has been making award-winning online educational resources, for use at home or in school, since 2008. Our educational resources can help with GCSE revision or to complement existing curriculum. Making learning fun by learning through music, film, and phonics. 

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