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Home Anti-Bullying Course

online bullying course at home

What Is The Home Anti-Bullying Course?  

Whether at home, at work, or at school, bullying can have a huge impact on people’s lives. In this unit, discover why bullying happens, what types of behaviour constitutes bullying, how to deal with bullying-behaviour, and where to get support. We offer this module on an accredited or non-accredited basis and you can learn when it suits you.

What We Cover:

This home school online course looks at a wide range of topics within anti-bullying. This is delivered through our own online platform including a series of video animations, recorded tutorials, live tutor sessions, and interactive quizzes. Study for fun or gain an accredited qualification, topics include:

  • Understanding the term bullying, the ways people are bullied, and why bullying occurs.

  • Understanding the bystander effect and how this affects bullying behaviour.

  • How humour and language are often used to bully.

  • Understanding the effects of bullying: on the bully and on the victims.

  • Know where to get support and help: How to address being bullied; how to address other people being bullied; support organisations and networks.

online anti bullying course
anti-bullying course online

What You Get:

  • Access to the module through our very own online learning portal.

  • Learn at a time and speed that suits you.

  • A range of fun and educational digital resources (e.g. video animations, recorded tutorials, live tutor sessions, and downloadable resources)

  • Track how you’re doing with multiple choice quizzes.

  • Module can be accredited up to level 1 or 2 all completed online.


  • Can be accredited to level 1 nationally recognised qualification.

  • Understanding of causes of bullying.

  • Learn how to recognise and deal with bullying.

  • An understanding on how to get support.

  • Learn how bullying affects people and society.

anti-bulling e-learning course




"The best thing about the music course was the way my class not only absorbed the learning content in a creative way, but the way it challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. The changes in confidence of some individuals has been nothing short of extraordinary"


“The course and support from the Rewise team helped me get a work placement that has led to a job. The best decision I ever made was to sign up.”​


“I learned so much about how to manage a business - financial management, marketing strategy, and people management. I feel well prepared for the world of work!”​