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Home Decision Making Course

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What is The Home Decision Making Course?  

We all make a range of decisions every day, some of them big, some of them small, but they all affect how we live our lives and affect the people around us. Why is it that some people can make quick decision, yet others prevaricate over the slightest choice? This online home school course will look at the process of decision making, the factors involved in making positive choices, and how fear can affect the decisions we make.

What We Cover:

This online home school course help people understand topics around decision-making. This module talks through what it means to make a decision, how to weigh up options, and how to not make bad decisions. The online decision-making course is delivered through our own learning platform via a series of online tutorials, video animations, live tutor sessions, multiple choice quizzes, and downloadable resources.


You will explore:

  • Understanding what is meant by the term “decision making”.

  • Understanding decision making techniques; stages of the decision-making process; decision making techniques; and potential problems when making decisions.

  • The consequences of decision making and how to weigh up the options of making decisions.

  • Be able to make decisions using newly acquired techniques.

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What You Get:

  • Access to the module through our very own online learning portal.

  • Learn at a time and speed that suits you.

  • A range of fun and educational digital resources (e.g. video animations, recorded tutorials, live tutor sessions, and downloadable resources)

  • Track how you’re doing with multiple choice quizzes.

  • Module can be accredited up to level 1 or 2 all completed online.


  • Better ability to make positive decisions.

  • Understand how to weigh up all available options of a decision.

  • An understanding of decision making in all environments applicable to home, work, or education.

  • Become more confidence with decision making and not making a bad decision.

  • Can be accredited to level 1 qualification.

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"The best thing about the music course was the way my class not only absorbed the learning content in a creative way, but the way it challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. The changes in confidence of some individuals has been nothing short of extraordinary"


“The course and support from the Rewise team helped me get a work placement that has led to a job. The best decision I ever made was to sign up.”​


“I learned so much about how to manage a business - financial management, marketing strategy, and people management. I feel well prepared for the world of work!”​