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Online Home Schooling Courses

As a home schooling parent or guardian it may be overwhelming choosing your home school options. We design a wide range of online home school educational resources for all abilities. From learning through music to PSHE courses, Rewise Learning will be able to boost your home school planner. We dedicate our time to make learning fun and engaging but also have fundamental educational value embedded within them.

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LearnThruMusic music courses and workshops use music technology theory, musical instruments, singing, spoken word, and rapping. This helps home school students with life skills, cross-curricular subjects, and improving confidence. Rewise Learning music courses allow home school students to learn in a different way and have important interaction with other students. 


Learn to code at home with our LearnThruTech STEM kits and STEM courses. Our STEM courses and workshops use IOT (internet of things) technology, micro-controllers, coding software and sustainable materials to teach home school students STEM skills, curriculum-based STEM subjects and a snapshot of STEM careers and learning routes.


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PSHE, meaning personal social health and economic education, is an important part of the school curriculum and should be placed within home education. Rewise Learning home school PSHE courses use innovative learning allowing your home school student to learn in an effective way.


Living healthily is crucial for a long and productive life. We provide Food and Drink courses and alternative education including subjects such as healthy eating courses, food preparation courses, food healthy and safety courses, and food hygiene courses. These innovative learning courses, offered at varying levels, provide invaluable life skills for your home school student delivered in a fun and engaging way.


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