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Online Home School PSHE Courses

PSHE, meaning personal social health and economic education, is an important part of the school curriculum and should have equal importance within home education too. Rewise home school PSHE courses use innovative learning allowing your home school student to learn in an effective way. Choose from modules covering a range of themes, offered on an accredited or non-accredited basis to suit your needs.

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Some people are naturally confident, others have to work hard to become more self-assured. Whichever you are, our Developing Personal Confidence and Self-Awareness Course will enable you to learn more about yourself and the people around you by focusing on self-reflection, self-improvement, and achieving personal goals.


How we respond to challenges in our lives is critical to our own personal development and achievement. Why do some people remain calm and collected and others show their frustration in negative ways? This interesting home school course will teach you how to deal with your anger to help you make better personal choices. 

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Both drugs and alcohol can have a deeply felt negative impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. Education is the key to understanding why people abuse alcohol and drugs and it’s critical to know the effects they have on the individual and on society. This important module will give you all the key information about drug and alcohol awareness and you can even gain a recognised qualification while you learn.


Whether at home, at work, or at school, bullying can have a huge impact on people’s lives. In this unit, discover why bullying happens, what types of behaviour constitutes bullying, how to deal with bullying-behaviour, and where to get support. We offer this module on an accredited or non-accredited basis and you can learn when it suits you.


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We all make a range of decisions every day, some of them big, some of them small, but they all affect how we live our lives and affect the people around us. Why is it that some people can make quick decision, yet others prevaricate over the slightest choice? This online home school course will look at the process of decision making, the factors involved in making positive choices, and how fear can affect the decisions we make.

We all want to live long and happy lives, however, there are lots of obstacles in our way that can impeded us from doing so, things like TV, video games, fast food, sugary and alcoholic drinks. So how to we get rid of these obstacles to make sure we live lour best and most productive lives possible?


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Having an equal and diverse population is the mark of a civilised society. But do all of us know what it truly means to be equal and how do we make sure everybody is treated equally and fairly? This online home school course will allow students to get fully involved into topics surrounding diversity and equality.

Having good communication skills is important to be able to succeed in day to day life. Both speaking and listening is important for clear communication which both are discussed in this online course. Whether you struggle with communicating effectively or want to learn more about different tones of communication, this online home school course will allow you to boost your communication skills.  

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Many of life’s most important lessons are not taught to us in schools, it’s not until we have left education that we realise what lessons are essential in life. This online money management home course teaches you how to use money wisely. In this module we look at basic financial skills and how to ensure you manage your money so you can afford basic items such as food.

This home school online course identifies opportunities to develop skills and reflect on them. The learner has an opportunity to learn a completely new skill such as music production, DJ-ing, or instrumental skills. The online course involves reflection points which discusses the barrier of learning a new skill and how to overcome this.