Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Rewise Learning and the tutors who make learning fun for students of all abilities. 


Nathan John 

CEO, Founder

"I started Rewise back in 2008 to improve the prospects for young people who struggle with mainstream education. The jounry has been incridable and im proud of our team and each and every young perosn we work with".

Stuart Williams

Project Manager/Head of funding

"I joined Rewise in 2014, I manage our Active Inclusion projects and am in charge of public sector funding and contracts at Rewise".

Janine Barnett-Philips

Head of Education, Head Tutor

"I am Head of Learning at Rewise. I was a teacher for 25 years and now, as well as working  in this fantastic place, I run my own company called Writers’ Cwtch. I write Young Adult fiction and I’m currently doing a PhD researching writing and well-being." 

Oliver Esposito

Music Tutor, Tech Tutor, Digital Marketer

"I am a music and STEM tutor with Rewise and a multi-instrumentalist. When not workign for Rewise I produce my own music and music for films and computer games".


Deb Jones

Project Administrator

“Hi, I’m Debbie and I have been working as Project Administrator since 2019. Previously, I was Education Project Officer for 18 years with a local authority. My day to day tasks include organising course packs, booking tutors, calculating expenses etc, and cleaning up of the office when the guys make a mess!!”


Lee Shears

Music Tutor, Tech Tutor

"I'm a song writing teacher and music producer for Rewise Learning. I have a Masters in Song Writing and Production, after which I ran my own recording studio, and joined Rewise in 2019. I'm a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and I play in my own band Strange Orchid."



Tech Tutor

 "I'm a computer science nerd with a passion for education. I joined the team in 2018 and have been working as a STEM teacher hoping to inspire the next generation. When I am not teaching, I'm working on new prototypes and codes."


James Evans

Film Tutor, Videographer

“I am professional videographer and editor. Within Rewise, I teach young people how to operate camera equipment, as well as, teaching them how to edit videos. I have completed many projects to a professional standard.”