Are We Getting Closer to Normality? School Attendance Increasing to Pre-Pandemic Levels

More schools are opening up and attendance is improving! Steps towards pre-pandemic normality.

children returning to school
School Hallway

Over the past year, school attendance has been at an all time low. However, from the Department of Education report, we can see a rise of school attendance to the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic. Does this mean things are slowly getting back to normality?

99.9% of state schools we’re open on the 22nd April. This is a massive step in the right direction as children can now get back to learning and completing important assessments. This is even better than the first month (25th March) of opening with only 99.8% of schools being open. Although small, we can still see an improvement.

School attendance is also improving slightly which suggests parents and children are feeling safer going back to school. 4% more children are getting back to school now compared to the first month back. 94% (22nd April) compared to 90% (25th March). This is the highest it’s ever been since the pandemic started.

pandemic classroom
Students with Masks

However, tens of thousands of children are still isolating due to coronavirus. Over 25,000 students were absent due to potential contact with coronavirus in school and over 18,000 were absent due to potential contact out of school. Although this does see a decrease in absence figures from March supporting the fact that we are seeing a decrease in coronavirus figures.

Overall, we can see that all figures are improving suggesting that children and parents are getting more comfortable with getting back to school. This is great news as it shows that things may be getting back to normality compared to lockdown times.

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