Summer Learning: Why Should Children Carry On Learning Throughout The Summer Holidays?

Keep your child's mind stimulated with summer learning!

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Boy Learning STEM Outside

Even though the school gates may close soon, it doesn’t mean your child should stop learning over the summer. The school holidays are a brilliant time to start learning in different ways and using learning as an activity.

It may be hard to associate “summer” and “learning” but, you don’t have to set exams or pop quizzes for your kids, have fun with learning this summer! Summer learning should be different to classroom learning as you can be more laid back and set fun activities.

This blog will go through reasons why you should keep learning during the summer holidays:

1. There is more time to understand the basics during the holidays

Girl Studying in the Summer

Has your child been struggling with the basics of a topic (such as multiplication or coastal landforms) but haven't had the time? The summer holidays is the perfect time to go over the basic topics as you can go back to it the next day.

Instead of trying to learn multiple things at the same time, you can really focus on something for a whole day or week if you need it. This will enable the child to have time to get to grips with the certain topic. When returning to school, your child will be more confident with the topics you’ve mastered over the summer.

2. You can learn in more creative ways

In the summer, instead of working on paper and from a book, you have time to learn in different and creative ways. Your child might learn better with hands-on learning or learning by doing. Use the summer to get creative!

You can even push your child to discover and pursue a new passion. In the summer learning can be very rewarding. Why not learn a new instrument or master a topic they love.

3. You can use summer to create distinct learning routines