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Tune Into Your Potential: Transforming Lives Through Education-Centric CSR

At Rewise, our commitment to making a positive social impact led us to launch the "Tune Into Your Potential" project in 2015, a groundbreaking initiative that has touched the lives of hundreds in Southwest Wales and the Valleys. Funded by the European Social Fund, this program was designed to empower individuals furthest from the labour market by offering tailored education, training, and employment opportunities.

Our focus extended to those facing unique challenges – long-term unemployed individuals, NEETs (16-25 not in employment, education, or training), members of BAME communities, individuals over 54, and those with work-limiting health conditions. The aim was clear: to create a pathway for personal and professional growth through confidence-building, soft-skills development, accredited qualifications, and comprehensive employability skills training.

Empowering Communities Through Music and Arts

Our approach was as unique as the project itself. Group workshops infused with the transformative power of music and the arts became the heartbeat of our efforts. These sessions, focusing on confidence-building, played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community among participants. As one participant shared, "The course gave me so much confidence to get back into work. I met other people who were in the same situation as me, and it was really good to know I wasn’t alone."

Building a Better Future

Over six years, we conducted workshops and delivered accredited qualifications up to level 2 across Southwest Wales and the Valleys. Our engagement reached deep into less economically prosperous areas, working diligently to improve employment prospects for those who needed it most.

Transformative Outcomes

The impact of "Tune Into Your Potential" speaks volumes – over 600 participants experienced positive transformations in their lives. The outcomes were diverse, including full and part-time employment, full-time education pursuits, further training opportunities, work experience placements, and the attainment of accredited qualifications. Importantly, we witnessed the building of stronger communities and a positive shift in social mobility.

"Tune Into Your Potential" is not just a program; it's a testament to the power of education-centric CSR. At Rewise, we are proud to have played a role in transforming lives, fostering community resilience, and paving the way for a brighter future. Join us on this journey of empowerment, where the tune of potential resonates across Southwest Wales and beyond.



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