Virtual Youth Club: Why You Should Join a Youth Club?

Here at Rewise Learning, we provided children a place to have fun during the Covid-19 lockdowns with a virtual youth club. Looking for a youth club near you? Why not try a virtual one!

What is a youth club?

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Joyous Young People

A youth club, often taking place in churches or community centres, is a place where children and young people can join together to take part in a variety of activities. These activities could include table tennis, football, arts and crafts, video games, and playground games.

These clubs aim to get children off the streets and keep them safe and active. Some youth clubs even give children an insight into working life and prepare them for getting a job. In the UK, some youth clubs include UK Youth, Ambition, and National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs.

What is The Digital Youth Club?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge amount of upheaval to the country and more specifically to those within education. Since March 2020, schools have been required to close several times and even now there are local school closures and classes being asked to isolate due to outbreaks of the virus. But through necessity and challenging times arrives innovation and new ways of overcoming the obstacles before us. And through these times of chaos, the Digital Youth Club was born.

The Digital Youth Club is an online solution to disrupted education, isolation as a result of lockdown, and lack of support from peer groups, social services, and other organisations. It was created after discussions with a local education authority of how best to reach and engage with young people during times of lockdown or other factors.

What was the aim of The Digital Youth Club?

The aim of The Digital Youth Club is for young people, who traditionally wouldn’t have attended youth clubs, to use STEM to engage educate and engage them in the Youth Club services operated across their borough. The ultimate objective is to use the Digital Youth Club to increase the attendance in youth clubs of under-represented groups.

What activities are there in The Digital Youth Club?

STEM Youth Club

Participants were taught STEM skills in order to build a remote control race car, surf bus or Bluetooth speaker. They used engineering skills and online coding through video tutorials to complete the build. Art and wellbeing was also included throughout the project.

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What were the outcomes?

The virtual youth club allowed young people to increase their knowledge of STEM and local youth service provision. When youth clubs are open again, the participants will hopefully be more likely to join those clubs. Confidence, motivation and social skills were improved as they were able to freely talk via the video calls.

Are you interested in setting up your own virtual youth club or want to create a course using our STEM products? Contact us below today, we would love to discuss you ideas.