SEN & Learning


We pride ourselves on our dedication to finding new techniques and new technologies which can help young people and adults with special educational needs have equal opportunities at all levels.


Our courses are designed to allow students with SEN to feel a sense of independence and creativity in their learning. We create specially designed instruments which an be used by a whole range of people. We are continuously looking for new methods to engage and excite. 

What is LearnThruMusic


Make revising for your GCSE Science, Maths and English topics fun and easy by listening to a range of modern music.


Hip-hop, rap, metal, pop, funk, reggae, we have music to suit every taste.


Based on pioneering research which proves the benefits of music as a method for easy learning, our revision songs are a sector-leading tool for aiding revision and memory.


Our courses are fully inclusive. We can adapt what we do to fit the requirements of any participant and will always strive to hone our techniques to account for the variable abilities of each group we work with. We also believe it is important that people with SEN are included within courses for more able students, and as such, encourage schools to take an inclusive approach to our courses.


It is important that young people see each other in equal terms and we aim to reinforce this in the way we approach our courses.

Cutting-edge delivery


“Supportive tutors, fun activities and a real understanding of a variety of different needs. Excellent workshops!” 

—  Parent of participant, Cambridge Holiday Clubs