Ardunio C++


No glue or solder


Control via Bluetooth

Why Choose our STEM kits?

Make coding and STEM fun

Our ethos as a company is to make learning fun, we believe  the “learning by doing” aspect of our STEM kits helps learners retain vital information and fully immerses them in the world of STEM and coding.

Inspire creativity

In addition to building the Surf Bus OR Sports Car, our kits contain modular electronic components and micro controllers that can be used to build DIY STEM projects at home or in the classroom. All code is written and uploaded via the free opensource Ardunino platform. All our kits can be unassembled and reused by multiple students..

Free Mobile App

Learners control their vechicle from a mobile phone via the Free LearnThruTech RC App.




Video and Picture Instructions.

Full build and code instructions are available free via and via picture instructions.

Sustainable Materials.

We have made us much of our kits as possible out of sustainable FSC approved MDF. This product conforms to E1 (low) formaldehyde levels as well as also complying with the lower levels required by CARB phase 2 (CARB Phase 2 compliant <0.11ppm).

What DO I get with the kit?

2x DC 3V-6V DC 250m Car DIY Dual Shaft Gear TT Motor

2x wheels with tyres

1 x Motor Driver Module

Bluetooth transmission module

1 x IDUINO uno rev3 Compatible with Arduino

10 Male to female jumper cables

2 x Male to Male jumper cables

1 X Prototype Breadboard Shield

6 x AA Battery Case Storage Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack

1 x Universal Wheel

1 x piezo buzzer

2 x white LED jumper cables

2 x red LEDs jumper cables

1 x USB Cable A Male to B (With ST1025)

1 x Car or Bus chassis

1 x Car or Bus shell

Tuborial login card  


“The course was great fun, I enjoyed building the car and learning about STEM. It made me realise that there are lots of ways to use skills we learn in our Science lessons."

—  Participant, Prince's Trust England