What are LearnThruWork courses?

In the Community.

LearnThruWork is about changing our local community for the better. The staff of LearnThru believe that all members of our community deserve to be able to access that helping hand when they need it. We want to help, and offer solutions to, people in our community who are struggling. We feel that the best way to do this is through engaging them in the fun and interactive activity of writing, composing, creating and performing a song. The skills gained through this exercise are many; the most important of which is a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.​

Why Music?

Music is a language that speaks to everyone. Through our innovative use of music we hope to improve the lives of those in our local communities. 

Courses in the community

WCVA Active Inclusion Over 25s.

In 2016, funded by the EU ESF, we ran a WCVA project helping increase the confidence and skills level of unemployed over 25s throughout Swansea. The project was based on the creation of a song, encouraging the participants to work together and to talk about the barriers they felt prevented them from being able to access employment. Working with qualified tutors and professional musicians, the participants thrived on the opportunity to express themselves and meet new people.

WCVA Active Iclusion 16-25s.

Funded by the EU, we are currently running an Active Inclusion course for 16-25 year olds in the Swansea region. This course is funded by the WCVA and aims to increase the confidence levels of the participants, as well as skill levels, in order to prepare the young people to face the world of work, become a volunteer, take further confidence courses or return to education.

Qualifications, Group Size & more

Group Size.

For more information about group sizes please contact us. We will be running cohorts for 16-25 year olds throughout 2017 so contact us to join the next workshop.


For our current course you need to be aged between 16 and 25 and be able to prove receipt of benefits. For more information about eligibility criteria, please contact us.


Our LearnThruWork courses often run for 5 days, with support offered to participants for many months after.


“The course changed my attitude to my future; I now feel ready to make changes and have the confidence to look for a job.” 

—  Female Participant, 1st Active Inclusion 16-25

Technology and music

Using music to build team-work skills