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Award Winning Learning Resources, Courses, and Education Projects

Award Winning Education Projects and Learning Resources

We are an alternative education, e-learning, and creative learning provider, delivering educational services, products and resources for a wide variety of organisations and service users throughout Wales and the United Kingdom since 2008.



We believe the best way to engage learners is by making learning fun. Our educational courses, projects, and physical and online learning resources are designed to help learners reach their potential. We do this with the use of innovative learning methods, learning through technology and hands-on education.

Home School

We believe home education should engage by making learning fun. Our home school programs and home school educational online resources aim to help home schooling students reach their potential. We do this with the use of innovative learning methods such as learning through technology and hands-on education taught by you.

Branded Educational Projects

We ensure businesses and brands connect with communities and society through innovative training, education, learning, and play. Rewise can help you create and deliver bespoke CSR projects and educational programs to help your business give back to those who need it the most.

Learning Store

Rewise Learning's educational store supplying educational resources such as build-at-home STEM kits and GCSE revision resources. The education shop enables students and hobbyists of all abilities to learn in a different way - Making Leaning Fun.   




Tel: 05603 268937

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