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School Workshops and Events

We help brands, governments and educational establishments deliver inspirational educational workshops, connecting brand values with skills development for a more prosperous future.

We believe education is a key driver for social change. Making education fun is critical to engaging young people in a subject and igniting a desire to continue learning. Our educational workshops are tailored to meet specific learning outcomes whilst being practical, hands-on, fun, and engaging. Whether for small groups, large classes, or whole year groups, our workshops use innovative teaching methods, tailor-made teaching resources, and tutors who are not just results-driven, but who care about the entire learning experience. Ranging from STEM and coding, environmental awareness and renewable energy, to motivation and confidence building, we can build the optimal workshop for your school or CSR project.

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School Workshop Overview

School Workshops and Events


Rewise School Workshops and Events

What are school workshops and events?

Discover the power of making learning fun! If you are as obsessed as us about igniting a love for learning and giving young people the skills and knowledge to take control over their futures, then look no further than Rewise Learning school workshops and corporate education programmes.

Rewise are specialist at creating enriching educational workshops with group sizes ranging from 3 to 300. We create dynamic group learning environments designed to ignite curiosity, promote collaboration, and unlock the true potential of every participant.

Our workshops cover subjects from STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths), climate change & environmental awareness, coding and robotics, knife crime, youth violence, PSHE subjects, and much much more.

Learn from the best! Our workshops are led by passionate teaching professionals, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise. Our facilitators combine academic excellence with real-world experience, ensuring your learners receive practical insights and valuable guidance.

Have an idea for school workshops and/ or events?

Is your organisation enthusiastic about unlocking young people's true potential? Does your brand want to share its values and forge a lasting impact with communities? If the answer is yes, then Rewise can design and deliver a school outreach project bringing together your key business principles with youth skills development, to create a lasting legacy for your brand. We work closely with media outlets, influencers, and community partners to ensure your commitment to education and brand values are recognised and celebrated, enhancing your reputation and building strong enduring relationships with stakeholders.

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