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Inspiring Education Events

Inspiring large-scale educational events and campaigns for mass engagement and skills development. Connecting brand values, youth skills and awareness-raising campaigns with schools, colleges, businesses, and communities.

Rewise is a leading educational event company bringing dynamic and impactful large-scale events and workshops right to your school, college, or organisation! We are passionate about empowering students and igniting a love for learning through educational events tackling important themes like climate change, and through interactive large-scale workshops promoting subjects such as the importance of STEM skills. Join us on an unforgettable educational journey where learners discover the world, boost their curiosity, and become agents of positive change in, and for their communities.

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Inspiring Education Events 


Rewise School Workshops and events

What are inspiring education events?

Rewise are experts at creating far-reaching, mass-engagement educational events and campaigns for a variety of organisations including schools, colleges, universities, and businesses. Whether you want to connect with 50 or 500 people at once, we will create the perfect interactive experience connecting your overarching goals with the people you want to engage.


Create social value and communicate your core ethos on a grand scale with inspiring, interactive, and above all, fun event days. We’ve designed programmes for a range of partners covering themes such as environmental awareness and green skills, as well as important social topics such as anti-knife crime and youth violence campaigns. Let Rewise start you on an incredible opportunity to inspire, educate, and empower your target audience.

Have an idea for an inspiring education event?

If your organisation wants to share its values or goals for society and engage with your audience on mass with enriching educational experiences, then Rewise can create the ideal package for you. We specialise in taking your organisational goals and ethos and turning them into dynamic large-scale educational events, communicating your core messages in a vibrant, engaging, and enduring fashion. Chat with us today and say goodbye to boring seminars, conferences, and assemblies, and hello to powerful learning events!

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