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Collaboration between SSE Energy Solutions and Rewise

In a world that’s  increasingly shaped by the urgent need for sustainability, businesses recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in shaping a brighter future. An example of this commitment was SSE’s collaboration with Rewise, producing the Climate Connect Education Programme.

As the UK and Ireland's largest renewable electricity generator, SSE Energy Solutions sought a unique approach to their CSR strategy. They teamed up with us at Rewise, and together, we launched the Climate Connect Education Programme—a groundbreaking initiative that went beyond typical CSR.

Nikki Flanders, Managing Director of Energy Customer Solutions at SSE, encapsulated the essence of the collaboration: "We knew that the next generation of engineers and leaders could be in the very classrooms we visited, and we wanted to do our part to empower them to find their passion and consider a future in renewables."

At the heart of the programme was the Climate Connect Learning Hub, a digital haven for students and teachers alike. Accessible 24/7 through SSE Energy Solutions' online portal, the hub aligned its content with the National Curriculum in England, Wales, and Scotland. Tailor-made animated learning videos, lesson plans, quizzes, and challenges created an engaging learning environment covering vital subjects such as climate change, Net Zero carbon, biodiversity, and SSE Energy's efforts in combating climate change.

Through art-based programs, including music and songwriting, young minds were inspired to create songs about climate change, renewable energy, and related topics. The songs, recorded using Rewise's mobile recording studio, now featured on the Climate Connect learning hub, showcasing the potential of young voices in championing environmental awareness.

In secondary schools across the UK, the collaboration brought STEM education to life. Using specially designed mini wind turbine kits, students engaged in hands-on learning, building and testing their turbines. The workshops delved into environmental themes, green skills, and future careers in sustainable industries—encouraging equality and diversity in STEM learning and sparking curiosity about the world of renewable energy.

This collaboration transcended traditional CSR efforts. It brought the environment to the forefront of everything it touched, promoting 'green' skills and fostering STEM education. By engaging young minds in critical environmental issues, encouraging diversity in STEM learning, and building skills for prosperous futures, SSE Energy Solutions collaborated with Rewise to set a precedent for businesses looking to make a lasting impact.



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