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Unleashing the Power of STEM with 'My Weather Station' Project

At Rewise, we believe in the transformative potential of education, and our commitment to fostering positive change is at the heart of everything we do. One of our proudest initiatives, the 'My Weather Station' project, is a testament to our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a focus on education.

Trio Sci Cymru, a pan-Wales STEM Engagement programme funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government's National Science Academy, laid the foundation for this groundbreaking initiative. As a partner in the program, Cardiff University sought our expertise at Rewise to develop and deliver the school outreach component of this STEM enrichment initiative.

In response, we crafted the 'My Weather Station,' a weather station STEM kit designed to empower learners with hands-on experience in building and operating their weather stations. Going beyond the traditional classroom setup, these kits were interlinked in an online network, allowing learners to track and record data collaboratively with participating schools across Wales, creating a robust bank of scientific insights.

Nurturing STEM Skills Across Wales

Our engagement extended to 12 schools and over 200 learners across Wales, where STEM skills were honed and scientific curiosity ignited. Learners not only built their weather stations but also engaged in the intricate process of recording climatic data. This initiative was not just about the individual schools; it was about connecting learners to a broader scientific community, fostering collaboration and shared learning.

Building a Future in STEM

The 'My Weather Station' project encapsulates the spirit of inclusivity and diversity in STEM. By actively engaging underrepresented groups, we are contributing to a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce. This initiative aligns with our vision of promoting equality in STEM fields and addressing the skills gaps that persist in STEM industries.

How 'My Weather Station' Is Making a Difference:

  • Fostering inclusivity and diversity in STEM

  • Engaging underrepresented groups with STEM Learning

  • Promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce

  • Promoting equality in STEM fields

  • Improving access to STEM education

  • Addressing skills gaps in STEM industries

  • Using STEM to address the global challenge

  • Ensuring the UK can compete on a global scale in STEM industries

  • Enabling young people to thrive in an ever-changing tech-based world

  • Using STEM learning to promote economic inclusivity & growth, to future-proof our workforce, and to increase global competitiveness

  • Using STEM to protect the environment

The success of the 'My Weather Station' project goes beyond the numbers. It lies in the stories of students who have found a renewed passion for STEM, in the collaborative spirit fostered among schools, and in the tangible impact on the future of STEM education in Wales. One student said, “Probably one of my favourite workshops I’ve experienced. It has majorly increased my confidence in STEM subjects.”

At Rewise, we are not just building weather stations; we are constructing pathways to a future where STEM is inclusive, diverse, and accessible to all. Join us on this journey as we continue to leverage the power of education for positive change.



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