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Gear Up for STEM project with GFG Foundation

In the pursuit of fostering innovation, inclusivity, and a brighter future, Rewise embarked on a transformative journey with the GFG Foundation through the "Geared Up for STEM" project. Funded by the GFG Foundation, this corporate social responsibility initiative was conceived and brought to life by Rewise, reaching over 300 young minds across every comprehensive school in Newport County. The mission was clear: to increase inclusivity in STEM education and extend the reach of STEM learning to every community in the area.

Geared Up for STEM wasn't just a program; it was a vision to empower young minds with the tools of the future. As students delved into the world of coding, electronics, and design, they embarked on a journey to build their own Bluetooth-controlled model race cars, igniting a passion for STEM that would extend beyond the classroom.

A student from Lliswerry High School captured the essence of the project: "I thought the challenge of building the car seemed impossible, but the instructors were really friendly and helped me solve the problems for myself. I really learned a lot."

Geared Up for STEM was delivered in every comprehensive school in Newport County, including Pupil Referral Units and special educational needs schools, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. The project reached and inspired a diverse group of over 300 young individuals, fostering a passion for STEM that transcends traditional boundaries. Participants delved into STEM education and engagement workshops, gaining hands-on experience in computer coding, electronics, and product design. Learners were challenged to construct their own Bluetooth-controlled model cars, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and hands-on engineering experience. The culmination of the project was a final celebration event where all schools came together to showcase their work, highlighting the achievements of each participant.

Geared Up for STEM transcended the traditional boundaries of STEM education, making a profound impact beyond the workshop setting. The project contributed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in STEM by engaging underrepresented groups with STEM learning, the project worked towards creating a more inclusive STEM community.

As we reflect on the journey of Geared Up for STEM, it becomes clear that this initiative goes beyond education—it's about shaping futures, breaking barriers, and propelling young minds towards a future where STEM is not just a subject but a pathway to endless possibilities. The collaboration between Rewise Learning and the GFG Foundation exemplifies how a strategic partnership can drive meaningful change, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of STEM education. Gear up for tomorrow, where every young mind is equipped to thrive in a world shaped by innovation, diversity, and boundless potential.



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