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PREVENT Education Programme: Transforming Minds, Creating Safer Communities

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Rewise partnered with Walsall Council to revolutionise its school PREVENT programme, employing creativity, animation, and storytelling to address the critical issue of radicalization. Aimed at stopping vulnerable individuals from being drawn into criminal behaviour and radical ideologies, our innovative approach has successfully engaged young minds and made a lasting impact throughout Walsall County.

Unveiling the PREVENT Education Programme:

At the core of our initiative was a comprehensive social impact education programme, meticulously crafted to focus on the radicalization of vulnerable individuals. With a detailed brief from Walsall CCBC, we embarked on a journey to develop a suite of animated tutorials, resources, and accompanying lesson plans that would bring the dangers and red flag signs of radicalisation to life.

Creative Process:

Our in-house team of writers and animators, led by a published professional author, took on the challenge of creating storyboards, scripts, and screenplays for the animated tutorials. The result was an innovative collection of animations that delved into various forms of radicalization, moving beyond the limited perspective often portrayed in mainstream media.

Making a Change:

Radicalization extends far beyond religious fundamentalism, and our animated tutorials serve as a powerful tool to broaden the understanding of this complex issue. By engaging young people in an imaginative and non-patronizing manner, we provide a glimpse into the diverse forms of radicalization threatening a peaceful and tolerant society. This proactive early intervention equips young minds with the knowledge needed to make positive choices and contribute to a safer, more tolerant community.

Value Created:

The PREVENT Education Programme stands out as an early intervention prevention initiative, addressing real-life, contemporary issues in an innovative way. The animated videos and accompanying resources seamlessly integrate into Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) studies, offering an engaging and non-patronizing learning experience. The impact goes beyond the classroom, actively contributing to the creation of a safer society.

Successful Elements of the Project:

The success of the project lies in its ability to address a serious social issue while being accessible to a wide audience. Rolled out across the entire Walsall County, our resources have reached thousands of young people, fostering a proactive approach to combating radicalization. The programme's fun, educational, and non-patronizing approach has seamlessly integrated into the PSHE curriculum, making a lasting impact on the community.

The PREVENT Education Programme by Rewise stands as a testament to the power of creativity, education, and early intervention in addressing critical social issues. By transforming the way young minds perceive and understand radicalization, we are actively contributing to the creation of a safer and more tolerant society. Together with Walsall Council, we are making a change that resonates far beyond the classroom, shaping positive choices for a brighter future.



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