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Rewise and The Prince’s Trust Driving Social Change

For over 10 years, The Prince's Trust, a prominent UK youth charity, and Rewise have partnered to champion a positive social impact. This enduring collaboration is rooted in a collective vision that envisions education as a powerful force for meaningful change, aiming to create a future where young individuals are equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive.

The Get Started Programme, a flagship initiative, is meticulously designed to target young people aged 16-30 who find themselves outside the realms of education, employment, or training. Stretching its reach across the UK, this program serves as a launchpad for the future by offering practical, hands-on, and enjoyable training courses, crafted by Rewise. These short, intensive courses provide young minds with a taste of various industries, helping them make informed choices about their career paths.

Rewise delivers engaging programs under the Get Started umbrella, spanning diverse areas such as Music, Science/STEM, Cooking, Digital Skills, and Music Production. Beyond imparting sector-specific skills, the program's overarching mission is to build self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Through group workshops, participants enhance essential soft skills like teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and meeting deadlines. Supported by The Prince's Trust and a team of dedicated youth mentors, employment and progression support ensure that the impact extends beyond the classroom.

In their role as a UK-wide delivery partner for The Prince's Trust Achieve Clubs, Rewise plays a crucial role in empowering 13-19-year-olds to unlock their full potential. These personal development programs target young individuals at risk of underachievement or exclusion from school, offering a practical and hands-on learning approach that focuses on doing rather than observing.

Rewise's extensive range of alternative curriculum subjects within Achieve Clubs encompasses Music Production, Song-writing, Coding & Robotics, STEM-based workshops, Animation and Game Design, Anger Management, Wise Choices, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Communication Skills, Confidence Building, and Soft Skills Development. The holistic goal is to build confidence, self-esteem, and motivation, with accreditation provided up to level 1. Achieve Clubs also offer mentoring and guidance on further education, ensuring that young minds receive the support needed to navigate their educational journey.

Celebrating a decade of collaboration, Rewise and The Prince's Trust have not only crafted educational programs but have become architects of transformation, shaping a future where every young person is equipped with the tools and confidence to thrive. This enduring partnership stands as a testament to the profound change that can be achieved when organisations unite with a shared purpose: to uplift and empower the youth, fostering a generation ready to lead and succeed.



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