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Rewise and Wates Transforming Education for a Sustainable Future

In a collaborative effort with Wates, a leading sustainable housing developer, Rewise embarked on a mission to reshape education with a suite of learning packages and a state-of-the-art STEM kit. This joint endeavour, integral to Wates' corporate responsibility strategy, aimed to educate young minds about climate change, Wates' commitment to achieving net-zero carbon and waste by 2025, and the incorporation of renewable green energy technologies in their new build homes. The initiative resonates with our shared commitment to promoting sustainability and green energy awareness.

Pioneering Sustainable Education

Rewise, working closely with Wates, conceptualised and designed the House of the Future kit—a working replica showcasing innovative green technologies embedded in Wates' sustainable homes. These kits, made from recycled materials and powered by solar energy, provide a hands-on experience for young learners to explore modular design, solar power, underfloor heating, battery storage, heat capture technology, remote access, and phone charging points. Through practical engagement, learners delve into electrical safety, coding, STEM subjects, green technologies, green skills, and the skills needed for jobs in green industries.

Digital Learning Hub

Complementing the hands-on experience, Rewise created a digital learning hub accessible through Wates' online portal. This hub, available 24/7, aligns content with the National Curriculum in England and Wales. Tailor-made animated learning videos, lesson plans, online quizzes, and challenges cover essential subjects such as climate change, Net Zero carbon initiatives, Wates' actions toward a greener future, and the prospects of green skills, jobs, and careers.

House of the Future School Workshops:

This school and community outreach project spans comprehensives in England and Wales. The hands-on, one-day educational STEM and sustainability workshops challenge participants to construct the House of the Future STEM kit. Learners, guided by Rewise STEM tutors, assemble green technology features that mirror real technologies used by Wates in new house builds. These workshops not only boost STEM skills but also foster soft skills development, including teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Train the Trainer

Rewise took a pivotal role in training Wates' staff through group training sessions. Conducted on-site at Wates HQ and supported by classroom learning on-site at schools, these sessions immersed Wates' school and STEM ambassadors in the intricacies of the House of the Future STEM workshops. Peer-to-peer, hands-on learning covered STEM subjects, course content, and classroom management. The comprehensive training ensures Wates' team can independently deliver House of the Future STEM workshops, reinforcing the sustainability message throughout the educational landscape.

In this innovative collaboration, Rewise and Wates have not only contributed to shaping a sustainable future but have also created a transformative educational experience that empowers young minds with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate a world increasingly shaped by green technologies and sustainable practices.



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