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Rewise’s Beats not Blades project

In the ongoing battle against knife crime and youth violence, Rewise, in collaboration with the Home Office, orchestrated a transformative initiative known as the "Beats Not Blades" project. This groundbreaking two-year program, delivered across Wales, took a unique approach by incorporating arts-based methods to engage and educate over 1000 young minds. Through the power of music and songwriting, Rewise aimed not only to inform but also to empower young people to make informed decisions, steering clear of situations that may lead to violence.

The Beats Not Blades project was more than just a program; it was a proactive, early intervention prevention initiative that left a lasting impact. Here's a closer look at what Rewise did during the course of this innovative endeavor:

Engaging Workshops: Over the span of two years, Rewise conducted 30 group workshops across the country, targeting young people aged 11-16.

Exploration of Knife Crime: The program delved deep into the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife, fostering a comprehensive understanding among participants.

Diverse Perspectives: Guest talks were organised, featuring insights from the Police, victims of knife crime, and other professionals. This approach provided a holistic view of the issue.

Practical Skill Development: Through role-play scenarios, participants honed risk avoidance and negotiation skills, equipping them with practical tools for real-world situations.

Creative Expression: To consolidate key information, participants engaged in lyric-writing tasks, weaving their newfound knowledge into powerful anti-knife crime messages.

Building Confidence: The program went beyond education; it empowered participants by involving them in the recording and performance of their own anti-knife crime songs. This not only developed soft skills but also boosted confidence.

Showcasing Talents: A dedicated project website was created to showcase all the songs crafted during the program, providing a platform for the participants to express themselves and share their messages with a broader audience.

Evaluation and Reporting: Rewise completed a comprehensive impact report for The Home Office, highlighting the tangible outcomes and success stories stemming from the Beats Not Blades project.

The effectiveness of the Beats Not Blades project is best captured in the words of a teacher who noted, "Beats not Blades is a great way to teach young people about the law and dangers of knife crime. The students enjoyed the experience and it empowered them by making them the focus of discussions and debates."

Rewise's Beats Not Blades project stands as a testament to the transformative power of combining education with creative expression. By using music as a vehicle for change, Rewise has not only educated but also empowered young minds, fostering a generation equipped to make informed decisions and, ultimately, contribute to the reduction of knife crime and youth violence.



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