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Back To School Learning Courses

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Rewise Learning offers a wide range of educational courses that you can do at school.

back to school music course bespoke educational courses
Bespoke Music Courses Back to School

When Do We Go Back To School UK 2021

School is BACK! In the UK, school opened back up at the start of September after a full six weeks off. Term dates often vary from school to school so check when you should be in school.

It is now the time to plan all your activities and hobbies that you want to start in the new term. This could be from music lessons to STEM workshops. Rewise Learning offers a wide range of educational courses that you can do at school.

School Learning Courses

School Music Classes

singing and music production course at school, CSR,
Music School Courses

LearnThruMusic music courses allow young people to learn through songs, song writing, composition, and performance. We believe learning through music can improve soft and hard skills. Our innovative learning and leader-led approaches can be tailored to a wide variety of topics suited to the learner.

Lack of self-confidence can be the biggest obstacle young people face. Our hands-on music courses and the approach of learning through music aim to increase self-confidence and self-belief, revealing different methods of learning as well as a better ability to perform.

We are currently offering a free music course for teens aged 14-18 called Tune Up. Tune Up Project is a fun music workshop that uses a unique approach to music production and songwriting that aims to improve the learning skills, motivation and aspiration of young people in Swansea and surrounding areas. To find out more or to sign up go to our website -

School STEM Courses

making a stem kit at school, inspiring future generations
STEM School Course

Our LearnThruTech STEM courses make learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic subjects fun and easy to learn. Our bespoke STEM courses increase engagement, enthusiasm, and interest in STEM courses by introducing different and hands-on methods of learning. Our STEM courses are suitable to all abilities and focus on enhancing the prospects of further education or employment in STEM.​

The skills used in our STEM courses are transferable and encourage young people to look positively upon challenges, developing a growth mindset which can be used in personal, professional, and academic life.

School Film and Media Courses

bespoke school courses in film and media, digital skills, youth empowerment
Filming Courses

Our LearnThruFilm Film and Animation courses explore techniques such as storyboarding, scriptwriting, and industry-standard editing software to create all types of video. Our film and animation classes are provided as an innovative alternative to curriculum-based subjects that make learning fun and practical.

We aim to highlight creative industries as a possible career for students to focus on. Our LearnThruFilm media courses allow students to get hands-on with industry-standard creative software which gives them experience of a career within a creative industry.

School Courses on Food and Drink

cooking and drinks courses at school, CSR initiatives, lean skills, make learning fun
Cooking with School Children

It is often said that a healthy body means a healthy mind. Food and nutrition are critical aspects of maintaining this. Our LearnThruFood Courses cover a range of subjects that can help you live a healthier lifestyle, provide you with crucial life skills, and vocational skills that help you enter a food-based profession. Our Food and Drink Courses can be accredited to help access further learning and catering careers.

The skills learnt through our LearnThruFood Food and Drink Courses can be transferred to all aspects of your life; at home, with your friends, or for work. If you are learning for fun, for academia, or for vocational reasons, we can help you gain the food-based knowledge and skills you need through our Food and Drink Courses.

How To Get In Touch

Are you or your school looking to involve more extracurricular activities into school life? Rewise Learning offers many opportunities to expand your hobbies and interests. To contact us email or call 05603 684297. More information can be found on this page.



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