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Memorising The Curriculum by Learning Through Music

Using Music and Songs to Learn Different Topics

In our early years, we are often taught through the use of music and songs. For example, The Alphabet Song and The Colours of the Rainbow. In fact I am certain you could probably recall that information now! Learning through song is a great way to memorise information. So why not carry learning through music on to learning secondary school curriculum?

We all know listening to the right song can have mood-altering effects. But going beyond improving your mood, using music to teach has been proven to unlock better cognitive abilities. In fact, learning through music and song improves your memory, ability to recall information, and improves your focus.

How Does Music Improve Memory?

Creating a song allows words and information to be assigned to a rhythm and sometimes a rhyme. So, when information is put into rhythm and rhyme the musical elements will provide a hook for recall. The music acts as a cue for the information to be unlocked. Therefore, learning through music can improve the memorization of information. Learning a song about school topics can help you remember answers to exam questions.

Alongside improving memory, learning through music in a classroom environment can create a positive and exciting learning experience for the school or home school student. So why not learn with music and add rap, singing, and instruments to your everyday education?

GCSE Learning Songs

Rewise Learning’s LearnThruMusic has curated a variety of revision and learning songs for students to enjoy. This allows the learner to find fun in learning and learn through music. From genres such as hip-hop, rap, metal, pop, funk, and reggae, we have music to suit every taste. There is no reason why students should find it hard recalling information from their favourite subjects - try education through music.

We think memorising the curriculum by learning through music is one of the most effective methods of learning. That's why we've created out own songs! Visit our Education Learning Resources page below to find out more about our music-based learning resources.

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Incorporating music and songs into the learning process adds a harmonious twist to mastering different topics. 🎓✨ It's not just memorization; it's an immersive experience that transforms studying into a symphony of knowledge. 🎼💡 Who says learning can't be catchy and fun? Kudos to embracing the power of music in education! Choose the best spotify promotion companies and popularize the songs of young music talents.🚀📖

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