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PREVENT Education Programme

Walsall County Council

"Walsall Prevent Team looked to identify a new, exciting, and innovative method of delivery that could replace ‘face to face’ learning in the short term, but also a product that could be used to support a more traditional approach to learning when hopefully there was a return to something like normality. It was at this point we came across Rewise Learning Ltd and immediately, it was clear to see that in Rewise we had identified such a resource. "

Niall Markham,

Walsall Prevent Coordinator

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Walsall County Council


PREVENT Education Programme 

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Walsall Council approached Rewise to add some imagination and impact to its school PREVENT programme through the creative use of animation and storytelling. PREVENT has the critical task of stopping vulnerable people being drawn into criminal behaviour and radicalisation. Our in-house writers and animators developed a tailor-made suite of animated tutorials and resources showcasing the dangers and red flag signs of radicalisation. This innovative programme brought the topic to life in a realistic and engaging way for young people, allowing them to learn about different forms of radicalisation and is now being used throughout the county to make it a safer place.

About the Project

What we did

  • Social impact education programme

  • Focused on radicalisation of vulnerable people

  • Full brief provided by Walsall CCBC on key thematic content

  • Created storyboards, scripts, and screenplays for animated tutorials

  • Creation of a suite of innovative animations covering the theme of radicalisation

  • Written and scripted by a published professional author

  • Accompanying lesson plans and resources

  • Fully licensed for use throughout the county

Content Created for the Project

Watch us in Action

Making a change

Radicalisation isn’t just about what you hear on the news. Religious or political fundamentalism and its associated dangers are only one tiny aspect of a much bigger problem. Engaging young people in the topic in an imaginative and non-patronising way is critical to a project’s effectiveness, our animated tutorials provide a glimpse into other types of radicalisation that pose a threat to a peaceful and tolerant society, such as far-right ideology, in a completely new and interesting way. These proactive early intervention tutorials and resources are helping Walsall tackle the causes of radicalisation and are helping Walsall create a safer, more tolerant community.

Where the project took place

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‘’The animations look great, backed up by realistic narrative. An effective way of exploring these important themes’’

Teacher - Walsall Education Authority 

Value Created

  • Early intervention prevention programme

  • Real-life, contemporary issues addressed

  • Innovative animated videos & accompanying resources

  • Can be used as part of PSHE studies

  • Non-patronising & engaging

  • Making a safer society

  • Helping young people make positive choices

Addresses a serious social issue

Rolled out to entire Walsall County

Resources used by thousands of young people

Early intervention, proactive approach

Fun, educational & non-patronising

We Love to Talk

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