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"It was amazing, such an amazing experience. I would definitely consider a career in the construction industry. Thank you."

Student Participant

Sacred Heart School, London 

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Wates Group


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#STEM - #Environment - #Motivation - #GreenSkills - #DigitalSkills - #CorporateSocialResponsibility

Rewise worked with sustainable housing developer Wates to create a suite of learning packages and newly designed, state-of-the-art STEM kit for use in schools as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy. Our joint mission was to educate young people about climate change and highlight Wates’ commitment to transitioning to net zero carbon and waste from operations by 2025, and to promote the new renewable green energy technologies Wates is incorporating into all its new build homes. Rewise developed a complete learning programme including a digital learning hub, a STEM kit replica of a Wates home, showcasing the innovative technologies Wates incorporates into new builds. We also delivered a series of STEM and sustainability workshops in schools, and trained Wates staff on how to build the STEM replica house kit and how to deliver STEM workshops in schools.

About the Project

What we did

House of the Future kit:

  • Conceived and designed a working replica of a Wates house of the future

  • Kits showcase the innovative green technologies featured in Wates houses, making Wates homes some of the leading sustainable houses in the world

  • Our state-of-the-art STEM kits allow young people to learn about the following green

    • Modular design STEM kits

    • Solar power – real photovoltaic cells on the roof of the replica house to provide

    • Underfloor heating – represented by LED lighting on the floor of the kit.

    • Battery storage - Each kit has a wall-mounted power bank mimicking Wates’ battery storage system, storing solar energy to use later

    • Heat capture technology - Learners can measure the internal temperature of the house and experiment with different windows to see how this affects the ambient temperature

    • Remote access – Ability to control the functions of the house via a dedicated Wates branded smartphone application

    • Phone charging point – To mimic an electric vehicle charging port

  • Kits promote green energy use and zero energy waste to encourage sustainability, as they are made of recycled materials, are powered by solar energy, and showcase energy-saving technologies

  • Practical, hands-on learning encouraged, a learn through doing, not seeing approach

  • Through building the STEM kits, we educate young people on:

    • Electrical safety

    • Coding & computer science

    • STEM subjects

    • Green technologies

    • Green skills

    • The skills need to access jobs in green industries

House of the Future STEM Kit

Watch us in Action

Digital Learning Hub

  • Creation of a digital learning hub for use by schools, learners, and teaching professionals

  • Accessed through Wates online portal

  • 24/7 access wherever you are

  • Content aligned to the National Curriculum in England and Wales

  • Tailor-made animated learning videos created in-house by Rewise

  • Inclusive content for a broad range of learning styles

  • Lesson plans for teachers & educators

  • Online quizzes and challenges

  • Subjects featured include:

    • Climate change

    • Net Zero carbon and why it is important

    • Wates’ actions in moving to a greener future

    • How Wates are moving towards Net Zero carbon

    • A green future (green skills, jobs & careers)

Where the project took place

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‘’A massive thank you to Rewise for the creation of the House of the Future Project and the delivery of the workshops over these last two weeks as well as all the work going into designing the kits, workshops, and online content. 


It has been absolutely amazing to watch the workshops and be a part of them.


Everything you have done is beyond appreciated. Rewises go above and beyond and have made this so effortless for us. ’’

Charlie Hargreaves, Regional Social Value Manager

Wates Residential