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Weather Station

Cardiff University

‘’Probably one of my favourite workshops I’ve experienced. It has majorly increased my confidence in STEM subjects’’


Blackwood Comprehensive School

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Cardiff University


My Weather Station 

#STEM - #Environment - #Motivation - #GreenSkills - #DigitalSkills - #CorporateSocialResponsibility

Trio Sci Cymru is a pan-Wales STEM Engagement programme funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government's National Science Academy. Cardiff University is a partner in the programme and contacted Rewise to develop and deliver its school outreach section of this STEM enrichment programme. In response, Rewise created My Weather Station, a weather station STEM kit where learners use STEM skills to build and operate each kit. Each weather station kit joined an online network of others, so learners could track and record data from participating schools across Wales and build a bank of scientific data. We worked with 12 schools and over 200 learners across Wales to enhance STEM skills and promote the study of science subjects.

About the Project

What we did

  • Funded by European Social Fund & Welsh Government

  • Partnered with Cardiff University

  • Pan-Wales STEM outreach enrichment programme

  • Delivered in 12 comprehensives to over 200 learners

  • Learners built their own weather stations to record climatic data

  • My Weather Station Kits created in-house at Rewise Learning

  • Weather stations are connected to a network so data can be monitored over a wide area

  • Learners used maths and science skills to record, interpret & display data

My Weather Station STEM Kit

Watch us in Action

Making a change

  • Fostering inclusivity and diversity in STEM

  • Engaging underrepresented groups with STEM Learning

  • Promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce

  • Promoting equality in STEM fields

  • Improving access to STEM education

  • Addressing skills gaps in STEM industries

  • Using STEM to address the global challenge

  • Ensuring the UK can compete on a global scale in STEM industries

  • Enabling young people to thrive in an ever-changing tech-based world

  • Using STEM learning to promote economic inclusivity & growth, to future-proof our workforce, and to increase global competitiveness

  • Using STEM to protect the environment

Where the project took place

Map of United Kingdom

‘’Pupils enjoyed both the digital and practical aspects of the workshop. They learnt skills like coding and this gave them the opportunity to try something new.’’ 

Teacher, Tredegar Comprehensive School


Value Created

STEM enrichment and the environment are at the heart of everything we do here at Rewise. Engaging young people with STEM subjects and using these skills to solve global challenges are critical for a strong economy and for our survival on the planet. STEM subjects provide a foundation for creativity and innovation. Students learn to explore new ideas, design experiments, and develop solutions to real-world problems, leading to major advancements for society. We relish bringing STEM learning to local communities and building the foundations for a greener, more sustainable economy. 

We Love to Talk

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We are passionate about making a positive impact via fun, engaging, purposeful education outreach projects.


We love to talk, we specialise in assisting brands in defining and activating their purpose through our unique Brand Purpose Model. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in purpose-driven strategies, we empower brands to establish stronger and enduring connections with their target audiences, ultimately fostering growth

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