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South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership

Reaching Wider

"These workshops have been incredibly effective for our learners, demonstrating how critical STEM learning is for young people and how taking up STEM subjects at higher levels can lead to great careers."


Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive School

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Reaching Wider


South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership

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Rewise has collaborated with the Reaching Wider Partnership to support them on their core mission of creating pathways to higher education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. To achieve this goal, Rewise created a new STEM engagement programme that’s practical, hands-on, and fun, to highlight that STEM learning can be for everyone, and every type of learner. Our STEM engagement sessions promote learning through doing, not watching, in a fun and interactive environment. Our technique of setting small, achievable goals boosts confidence and ignites a desire to continue learning and gaining new skills. We’ve helped over 3000 young people from 15 schools explore a range of higher education pathways and supported them in gaining the skills, knowledge, desire, and determination to study at the university level.

About the Project

What we did

  • Funded by West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership

  • The school outreach programme, promoting higher level learning

  • Delivered to over 15 schools, 3000 learners

  • The main focus is on people living within the bottom 40% of the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation, care-experienced young people, and carers

  • STEM enrichment project, boosting STEM skills and uptake of STEM subjects

Overview of the Drag Race Kit

Watch us in Action

Making a change

  • Increasing access to higher education for people from less economically well-off backgrounds

  • Boosting aspirations and motivation to access higher education

  • Building stronger, more resilient communities

  • Fostering diversity and inclusivity in higher education

  • Addressing skills gaps in STEM industries

  • Using STEM to address global challenges

  • Ensuring the UK can compete on a global scale in STEM industries

Where the project took place

Map of United Kingdom

‘’We made and created a car. I have improved my problem-solving and ability to learn new things.’’ 

Student, Dylan Thomas Community School


Value Created

We understand university and academia aren’t for everyone, but we want to make sure that everyone that wants to access it, is able to. Very often young people are bogged down by entrenched ideas that they aren’t smart enough to go to university or that they don’t have the right qualifications, our goal is to combat those mindsets through exciting educational opportunities and honest conversations exploring the upsides and down of university study. We are committed to ensuring that with hard work and focus, every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential and play an important role in society.

We Love to Talk

Have an idea for a project...

We are passionate about making a positive impact via fun, engaging, purposeful education outreach projects.


We love to talk, we specialise in assisting brands in defining and activating their purpose through our unique Brand Purpose Model. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in purpose-driven strategies, we empower brands to establish stronger and enduring connections with their target audiences, ultimately fostering growth

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