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5 Inspirational CSR Campaigns

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a cornerstone of modern business, with UK-based companies leading the way in demonstrating how profit and purpose can coexist. These incredible stories help to guide Rewise on their CSR project to ensure we have a positive impact.

1. Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan

Unilever, a global consumer goods giant with strong UK ties, has been setting sustainability benchmarks with its Sustainable Living Plan. This comprehensive initiative is all about improving health and well-being, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing livelihoods. Unilever's commitment to sustainability is reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable sourcing, making them industry leaders in corporate sustainability.

2. Marks & Spencer's Plan A

Marks & Spencer's "Plan A" is a game-changer. Launched in 2007, it confronts pressing environmental and social issues. It includes ambitious goals, such as carbon neutrality, zero waste to landfill, and sustainable sourcing. Marks & Spencer has made significant strides in reducing waste and supporting local communities, proving that businesses can be a force for good.

3. John Lewis' Community Matters

John Lewis, the beloved UK department store chain, champions the "Community Matters" scheme. This initiative allows customers to nominate local charities for funding. Each year, the company donates a portion of its profits to these nominated charities, making a tangible difference in local communities. It's an initiative that fosters customer trust and loyalty through meaningful engagement.

4. Barclays' LifeSkills

Barclays Bank has taken on the challenge of youth employability through its LifeSkills program. By offering free employability workshops and resources, Barclays is empowering young people with vital skills for the job market. Their goal is to equip one million young people with these skills by 2022, underlining Barclays' commitment to nurturing the success of the next generation.

5. Tesco's Food Collection Campaign

Tesco, one of the UK's premier supermarket chains, runs an annual Food Collection campaign in collaboration with the Trussell Trust and FareShare. This initiative encourages customers to donate non-perishable food items for those in need. It's been nothing short of a resounding success, resulting in millions of meals provided to food banks and charities. Tesco's campaign underscores the importance of addressing food insecurity and poverty in the UK.

These five outstanding CSR campaigns showcase the unwavering commitment of UK-based companies to making a real difference in society and the environment. They're a testament to how businesses can marry profit with purpose, leaving a lasting positive impact. We try to align our motivations and projects with these incredible success stories to ensure a positive impact.



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