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Assisting the next generation of innovators: The Get Started and Achieve Clubs Projects

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

At Rewise, our focus has always been improving the lives of young people across the UK and our partnership with the Prince’s Trust has allowed us to do just that! Because of our shared values, Rewise has been a UK-wide delivery partner to the Trust for over a decade, creating a positive social impact partnership through a range of amazing educational programmes for young people across the UK. Together we’ve been on a mission to bring about social and economic equality through meaningful education and training experiences for over a thousand young people.

The Get Started programme was an incredible initiative for young folks across the UK, aged 18-30 who were currently not pursuing education or employment. This was no ordinary training course, however. We provided unique and engaging workshops to give these young people a taste of diverse career paths.

Music production, STEM subjects, cooking and digital skills were just a few of the taster sessions that people got to try out. We created one-of-a-kind workshops, allowing these young talents to gain hands-on experience in various employment sectors. Our aim was always to increase young people’s knowledge and confidence so that they could make informed career choices.

We didn't stop at preparing them for specific jobs, our mission is always to build the confidence, self-esteem, and motivation of young people across the UK. Not only did these sessions allow young people to experiment with their passions and possible future careers, we also helped them with transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving.

The Prince’s Trust Achieve Clubs project was aimed at teens UK-wide with a focus on improving not only their employability but providing them with an arsenal of practical life skills. This programme was specifically aimed at children struggling in academic settings, working with teens that are at risk of underachievement and possibly exclusion. Together with the Prince’s Trust amazing youth mentors, we created a power-packed programme that could revolutionise their lives in education.

Rewise offered a wide range of alternative curriculum subjects that would encourage creativity and self-discovery. We held classes on songwriting, coding and robotics and even animation and game design, helping to turn their imaginations into adventures.

Not only that but we were able to offer workshops in life skills, too, such as anger management, drug and alcohol awareness and other classes to help build confidence and communication skills among the youth of today. We also offered mentoring and advice on further education to ensure that these kids aren't left confused about the future. Overall, we wanted to ensure that these teens had the confidence and knowledge to tackle any obstacles that may come their way.

Choosing a career path is always a daunting experience, which is why The Prince’s Trust and Rewise provided this incredible experience for young people across the UK. Together we broke barriers and allowed the next generation to get a taste of passion and success. The Get Started and Achieve Clubs programmes are just one way Rewise hopes to shatter limitations and start a movement of social and economic equality. We want to transform young people’s lives and empower the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.



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