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Brighter Futures: The Importance of Well-being in Education.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

At Rewise Learning, we understand that school can be overwhelming for many young people, causing anxiety, stress, and feelings of underachievement. That's why we prioritise creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment where children's voices are heard. With a focus on the education sector, we provide alternative learning practices that help students discover their passions.

Especially after the pandemic, students need to feel comfortable returning to school. After years of online learning, we want to ensure that schools embrace students with a sense of safety, value, and encouragement. Education has a powerful impact on young people's well-being and mental health. In a recent survey by the NHS, it was found that young people's mental health has declined due to online factors, the aftermath of the pandemic, and budget cuts to education. That's where Rewise comes in.

Rewise Learning has been creating award-winning online educational resources since 2008. These resources can be used at home or in school, supporting GCSE revision and complementing existing curricula. Not only that, but we have been delivering educational courses to over 100,000 learners in schools for more than a decade. Our unique approach makes learning enjoyable, as our studies have shown that young people retain and absorb information better when learning is fun and tailored to their needs.

We offer a range of alternative learning methods, including:

  • Music: Our school music courses cater to various needs, whether it's studying music, learning through music, or using music to improve well-being.

  • STEM Subjects: Our school STEM courses utilise cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials to teach STEM skills, curriculum-based subjects, and foster engagement in STEM careers and further education.

  • Film-making and Animation: Through our innovative film and animation programs, students can create short films, documentaries, and music videos using state-of-the-art equipment and software.

  • Food and Drink courses: We provide diverse food and drink courses, covering topics such as healthy eating, food preparation, safety, and hygiene.

We also understand that some students may not thrive in a traditional school setting. That's why we offer alternative learning projects in various settings, including pupil referral units, secure units, and community-based settings. Our alternative education projects provide hands-on, practical learning experiences that engage young people creatively, outside of the traditional classroom environment. We have collaborated with organisations like The Prince's Trust and ADTRAC, and even facilitated virtual youth groups during the pandemic to support social skill development during lockdown.

At Rewise, we believe that education is crucial for young people's mental health and overall development. By investing in educational resources that unleash their potential, we can empower young minds to achieve a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and a bright future. Our creative schooling approach enhances the learning experience of young people nationwide, equipping them with vital skills to overcome any obstacles in their future careers.


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