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GFG Foundation: Investing in STEM Futures

What is The GFG Foundation?

The GFG Foundation is a UK Charity which focuses on helping young people develop the skills they need to reach their employment potential in STEM (especially engineering, metals, and renewable energy) industries.

Established in February 2017, the Foundation has already developed many partnerships. This includes working alongside the Industrial Cadets Programme which has supported around 4,000 young people in giving them skills to work within STEM industrial workplaces.

The GFG Foundation was established in the UK but has a subsidiary in Australia where students can work directly with GFG Alliance employees. The Foundation also has plans to expand their STEM programmes and partnerships to Europe, Asia, and the USA.

What They Offer

The GFG Foundation runs STEM based school programmes within areas where their business is present. These programmes allow students to enhance their STEM skills, improving their chances of being job-ready. Programmes involve real-world issues and focus on self-esteem building so participants can develop knowledge and confidence.

Alongside working with national programmes like the Cadets, GFG Foundation also produces STEM educational resource videos. Some recent topics include Trees and Peatland and Steel Recycling. These videos are easy and engaging ways to learn something new with STEM.

Rewise Learning and The GFG Foundation

The charity came to us to help develop an educational programme to help engage young people in science and engineering. We created a bespoke educational programme, Geared Up For STEM, which aims to promote STEM based learning specifically in Newport, South Wales.

The aim of the programme was to ignite an interest in STEM subjects through practical and hands-on activities which were both educational and fun. Students are set the challenge of building remote controlled cars and vans using electronic components and basic materials.

The programme develops skills such as problem solving, working well within a team, and improved communication. Overall, the interest of STEM education and STEM careers is enhanced through the Geared Up For STEM Programme.

Contact us about creating your own bespoke Rewise Learning course or you can find out more about the GFG Programme here:


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