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Happy Pi Day! When and What is Pi Day?

Pi Day

Pi day 2021
Pi Symbol and Pi Constant

Pi day is on the 14th March (03.14) every year, often landing near Mother’s Day. It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s Birthday making it double the reason to celebrate! But, what does Pi Day actually celebrate?

Pi day is a whole day that celebrates the mathematical constant Pi. Pi, 3.14159265.., is a number which helps you calculate measurements of a circle. Pi is the circumference

divided by the diameter of a circle and you most definitely would have used Pi in school.

pi day 2021
Teacher Writing Pi Equations

This day has been used to celebrate Pi since 1988. It was first celebrated in the San Francisco Exploratorium by Larry Shaw. Himself and his co-workers created a parade and marched around a Pi-shrine a total of 3.14 times to celebrate the constant.

Every year since, people have celebrated Pi day in their own ways. This may be partying, completing mathematical problems, or eating Pi pies. It is also considered a national holiday in the USA.

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