Jobs in STEM: What STEM Career Can You Get If You Study STEM Subjects

Studying STEM

If you study or are interested in studying STEM subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, there are many possible careers you could go into. STEM careers suit any personality and personal goals which makes STEM careers easy to get into.

STEM jobs are in high demand which means that, even in these uncertain times where the job market is unstable, there are still many opportunities out there in STEM. For example, Tomorrow’s Engineers believe that by 2024 2.65 million UK engineering jobs need filling. This means that by studying engineering, you are likely to get a job out of the other side.

It is argued that jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics are the most innovative and futurist careers. As the world gets more technologically advanced, it will need more STEM specialised workers to keep up with this revelation.

Some examples of jobs you can expect to get into when studying in STEM education include; computer systems analysts, web developers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, medical scientists, actuaries, and many more. However, you can be more specific concerning what subjects can fill what jobs.


A lot of people enjoy studying science based subjects as they involve a lot of hands-on investigation via laboratory work. Depending on what specific science-based course or degree you take, depends on the type of job you secure. Some graduate jobs under science include:

  • Biomedical Scientist

  • Pharmacist

  • Crime Scene Investigator

  • Food Technologist

  • Doctor/GP

  • Toxicologist

  • And more.