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Learning The Drums: Why You Should Learn To Play The Drums

What is a Drum Set?

A Drum Kit is a collection of drums, cymbals, and other percussion which are set up on stands to be played by a single person with drum sticks. Some famous drummers include: Phil Collins, Ringo Star, Harry Judd (McFly) and more.

Drums are the backbone to any song. They set the volume, intensity, and beat of the song. For example, the drummer can change a soft and mellow verse into a heavy/punchy chorus by changing the hardness and speed when they play.

Why Should You Learn To Play The Drums?

Simply, playing the drums makes you feel good. Some drummers often feel euphoric and excited when playing the drums. Much like a good workout, the physical act of drumming releases endorphins in the body- making you feel great!

Other benefits of playing the drums include:

  • Playing the drums is fun and exciting!

  • It is stress relieving to hit the drums.

  • Playing the drums is a great physical activity and gets your heart rate up.

  • Coordination (hand-eye) is enhanced when learning the drums.

  • When learnt at a young age, playing the drums can increase development in certain regions of the brain.

  • Learning to play the drums will help you understand basic music theory.

It is likely that, if you want to learn to play the drums, you want to be in a band. The satisfaction of creating a song with a musical ensemble is great. Being the backbone of the song through playing the drums is very motivating. You can be fulfilled and play with your friends!

Rewise Learning Home School Drumming Course

Learn how to play the drums at home with our Home School Drumming Lessons. Whether you are new to the drums or want to perfect your drumming skills, our drumming tutor has the right 1 to 1 lesson for you. To find out more about our home school drumming lessons look here:


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