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STEM Kits: What Are STEM Kits and Why Are They Great?

What Does STEM Mean?

You may have heard the phrases “STEM jobs” or “STEM education”, but do you actually know what STEM means? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So STEM education revolves around the learning and teaching of these topics. STEM is often associated with being key to innovation, which is why you may have heard the acronym so frequently.

Due to STEM’s great innovation potential, some believe that STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) should be fully integrated into a child’s education. The involvement of these STEM subjects in everyday learning life will encourage young people to take up a career in STEM.

Under the surface, learning STEM knowledge doesn’t just enable the student to learn about science or maths but majorly enhance skills of problem-solving, exploratory learning, and critical thinking. Therefore, making STEM education invaluable for a school or home school student.

The use of STEM Kits are brilliant for introducing STEM subjects into the learner’s life.

What Are STEM Kits?

You don’t often hear the words “STEM” and “fun” together but, when you are talking about STEM educational kits, that’s exactly what they are about! STEM kits allow the learner to engage with science, technology, engineering, and maths subjects in a fun way.

You may be thinking that STEM kits are quite a new phenomenon. However, there are some classic toys which are classed as STEM toys. These include Lego and Meccano! In fact, there is an entire industry dedicated to researching and manufacturing educational STEM kits and toys.

If you or your child loves learning or even needs help engaging in STEM subjects, it may be useful to use STEM kits in everyday home school learning. This will bring fun and engaging elements into home learning, allowing learners to play and learn at the same time.

Why Are STEM Kits and Educational Toys Great?

STEM Kits are great because they promote hands-on learning. This means learners could be playing and learning with these educational toys for hours. Subconscious learning makes it easier for a learner to use the skills they have learnt in real world situations.

Educational toys are great as everyone, all ages, can get involved! It may also be an idea to get a kit which is challenging so parents, other siblings, and even grandparents can get stuck in.

STEM kits come with everything you need to complete the project! Unlike DIY projects, you do not need to worry about if anything is missing. The learner can fully immerse themselves into the STEM education.

Rewise Learning STEAM Kits

Rewise Learning design and manufacture STEAM kits ranging from remote controlled vehicles to Bluetooth speakers. Build, code, and decorate a working toy! Check out our home school STEM resources below:


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