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The Easiest Guitar Chords: How To Play Basic Guitar Chords

Are You Learning How To Play Guitar? Check out this quick guide to the easiest guitar chords!

If you are just starting out with playing the guitar, it is essential that you master the basic guitar chords in order to play a song. Although learning to play guitar chords may be challenging, it can be very rewarding to be able to play a chord that sounds great!

Once you practise your hand placements and master the basics of the guitar chords, you will be able to play these chords without seeing how to. Through muscle memory, you will be able to recall a perfect and simple guitar chord.

This blog will showcase the basic guitar chords that we think are easiest. Including A major, c major, d major, e major, g major, a minor, d minor, e minor, and g minor. Join us for the ride!

Basic Guitar Chords

Basic Major Guitar Chords

A Major

The A major is a basic and easy guitar chord. The entire placement is within the second fret. Your first finger will be on the fourth string, second finger on the third string, and third finger on the second string.

C Major

This chord is another easy one and is probably the most used chord out of them all! All of the notes are on different frets and different strings. This one may be tough at first but once your fingers loosen up, it should be good!

D Major

This triangle shape chord starts with the first two fingers on the second fret and the last finger on the third fret. Notes E and G are used in this chord. When mastered, it’s a lovely sound.

E Major

All strings are played in the chord, making it loud and powerful. First finger on the first fret, third string. The last two fingers will be on the second fret on the fifth and fourth string.

G Major

This G guitar chord is quite tough to reach but not impossible. Strum them all carefully to hear a beautiful simple chord.

Minor Chords

A Minor

This simple guitar chord is similar to E major. If you can master that one, this will be easy. The A chord is essential for beginners guitar.

D Minor

Exactly like the D major chord, however, you need to move the high E to first fret instead of second. This chord sounds great in a country or folk guitar tune.

E minor

E minor is very simple. Place your second and third fingers on the fourth and fifth string and voila! This chord will be master in a few minutes, so could be best to start with this one.

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