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"The best thing about the music course was the way my class not only absorbed the learning content in a creative way, but the way it challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. The changes in the confidence of some individuals have been nothing short of extraordinary"

Mr. Jones,

Headteacher, St. John the Baptist School

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Study Higher

#STEM - #Environment - #Motivation - #GreenSkills - #DigitalSkills - #CorporateSocialResponsibility

Rewise has teamed up with Study Higher, a social impact programme, jointly founded and run by Oxford Brookes University, aiming to support young people to access university education from areas where there is traditionally low uptake. Rewise has created a range of STEM and arts-based alternative curriculum programmes to help boost the grades required to enter university and inspire the next generation of university-goers to achieve their full potential.

About the Project

What we did

  • Created a series of STEM-based workshops aiming to boost confidence and motivation to engage with STEM learning

  • Delivered coding and robotics sessions where learners build and learn to code Bluetooth-controlled robotic devices

  •  Encouraged learning in a practical and hands-on way, far removed from the pressures of the traditional classroom

  • Promoted higher education as a valid and accessible option for young people

  • Grade booster sessions using music/the arts to create unique revision songs

  • Confidence-building sessions using recording and performance

  • Our workshops aims are always to boost self-esteem and build soft-skills

Watch us in Action

Where the project took place

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‘’Great fun and challenging. Lovely to see students working together, they were really motivated and the Rewise staff were brilliant. Thank you very much!’’

Jess Hill Higher Education Liaison Officer- Study Higher


Value Created

We understand higher education isn’t for everyone, and there are many choices for young people when deciding what to do at that critical juncture in their lives. Study Higher and Rewise are all about giving young people choices, and giving them options by ensuring they have the skills and qualifications to access any progression they choose. We help learners answer any questions they may have about their next steps on the pathway to the career of their dreams.

Value Created

  • More engaged with education

  • Increased knowledge of STEM subjects

  • Experience in basic computer coding and robotics

  • Improved well-being through greater self-belief

  • Improved soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving

  • Improved prospects of attending university

  • Greater knowledge of progression routes available

Provides essential information for young people at important points of transition

Worked with hundreds of young people in England

Gives young people the knowledge to make informed decisions

Helps young people reach their full potential

Workshops enhance STEM skills and problem solving

Learning in a creative, practical way 

We Love to Talk

Have an idea for a project...

We are committed to making a positive impact on society via fun, engaging, purposeful education outreach projects.


We love to talk, and we love sharing every success story, for us, our stakeholders, and those we have helped. We are experts in supporting brands to define and share their core values. So, if your brand wants to build a better, more prosperous future, we'll design and deliver innovative and original outreach projects that match your goals and values. Our experience and expertise in purpose-driven social strategies empowers our partner brands to establish stronger, and enduring connections with their target audiences.

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