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The Prince's Trust

"Great foundation to go on and build my own skills up."

Course Participant

Prince's Trust

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The Prince's Trust


Get Started, Achieve Clubs

#STEM - #Environment - #Motivation - #GreenSkills - #DigitalSkills - #CorporateSocialResponsibility

As one of the UK’s leading youth charities, the Prince’s Trust strives to transform the lives of young people for the better. Because of our shared values, Rewise has been a UK-wide delivery partner to the Trust for over 10 years, creating a positive social impact partnership through a range of educational programmes for young people across the UK. Both The Trust and Rewise work together as catalysts for social change, bringing about social and economic equality through meaningful education and training experiences for young people.

About the Project

What we did: Get Started Programme

  • Aimed at young people 16-30 not in education employment or training.
    Delivered throughout the UK

  • Unique and engaging training programmes that are practical, hands-on, and above all, fun. 
    Short intensive training courses created by Rewise to provide a taster of a range of different 

  • Workshops provide a taster and unique insight into a specific work area to allow young
    people to gain specific sector skills and make informed choices on career development.

  • Programme areas covered delivered by Rewise include:

    • Get Started with Music

    • Get Started with Science/STEM

    • Get Started with Cooking

    • Get Started with Digital Skills

    • Get Started with Music Production

  • Our mission is always to build the self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation of young people.

  • Group workshops designed to enhance soft skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, working to deadlines, and more.

  • Employment and progression support

Get Started Project

Watch us in Action

Where the project took place

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‘’This course not only taught me more skills than I expected, but  I met people who I think are going to be in my life for a long time.’’ 

Course Participant, Prince's Trust


What we did: Prince’s Trust Achieve Clubs

  • Personal Development programmes for 13-19-year-olds

  • Rewise was a UK-wide delivery partner as part of their Achieve Clubs, helping The Trust achieve its organisational goals and supporting young people to achieve their full potential

  • Working with young people who are at risk of underachievement or exclusion from school

  • A practical approach to learning, building skills, and confidence

  • A focus on practical, hands-on activities, learning through doing not seeing

  • Rewise offered a wide range of alternative curriculum subjects including:

    • Music Production

    • Song-writing

    • Coding & Robotics

    • STEM-based workshops

    • Intro to Animation and game design

    • Anger Management / Wise Choices

    • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

    • Communication skills

    • Confidence Building

    • Soft Skills Development

  • The overarching goal is to build confidence, self-esteem, and motivation

  • Accreditation provided up to level 1

  • Mentoring and advice on further education provided

Environment and Sustainability-focused

Promoting Green Skills, Education and Jobs

Bespoke & Accredited Learning Programme

STEM Skills at the Forefront

We Love to Talk

Have an idea for a project...

We are committed to making a positive impact on society via fun, engaging, purposeful education outreach projects.


We love to talk, and we love sharing every success story, for us, our stakeholders, and those we have helped. We are experts in supporting brands to define and share their core values. So, if your brand wants to build a better, more prosperous future, we'll design and deliver innovative and original outreach projects that match your goals and values. Our experience and expertise in purpose-driven social strategies empowers our partner brands to establish stronger, and enduring connections with their target audiences.

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