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Geared Up For STEM

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"I thought the challenge of building the car seemed impossible, but the instructors were really friendly, and helped me solve the problems for myself. I really learnt a lot."


Lliswerry High School

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GFG Foundation


Geared Up For STEM

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Geared Up for STEM is an innovative corporate social responsibility and STEM engagement education programme, funded by the GFG Foundation and developed by Rewise Learning. It has worked with over 300 young people in every comprehensive school in Newport. Our goal was to increase inclusivity in STEM and bring STEM learning to every community in the area. Participants learnt about coding, electronics and design to build their own Bluetooth-controlled model race cars to compete in fun race challenges.

About the Project

What we did

  • Funded by the GFG Foundation, conceived, and delivered by Rewise 

  • Delivered in every comprehensive schools in Newport County, including Pupil Referral Units and special educational needs schools

  • Worked with over 300 young people

  • Delivery of STEM education and engagement workshops

  • Participants learnt about computer coding, electronics, and product design

  • Learners are challenged to build a Bluetooth-controlled model car to compete in fun race challenges

  • Participants learnt to construct the race car chassis, assemble the electronic components/circuitry and programme a microprocessor using C++ coding language

  • Learners competed in fun race challenges to see whose cars were the fastest

  • Final celebration event where all schools came together to showcase their work

  • Guest speakers from Liberty Steel talked about STEM education routes and STEM-based careers

Coding Camper Van and Car STEM Kit

Watch us in Action

Making a change

  • Fostering inclusivity and diversity in STEM

  • Engaging underrepresented groups with STEM Learning

  • Promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce

  • Promoting equality in STEM fields

  • Harnessing the power of diversity to drive innovation

  • Improving access to STEM education

  • Addressing the skills gap in STEM industries

  • Using STEM to address global challenges

  • Ensuring the UK can compete on a global scale in STEM industries

  • Enabling young people to thrive in an ever-changing technology-based world

  • Using STEM learning to promote economic inclusivity & growth, to future-proof our workforce, and to increase global competitiveness

Where the project took place

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‘’I never thought a STEM career was for me, but after the workshop, I believe anything is possible and would like to pursue engineering at college or university’’

Student, Caerleon High School


Value Created

Like many countries, the UK is suffering from a skills gap - a tech-savvy workforce is needed to cope with industrialisation and there is a huge shortage of young people going into STEM careers. To increase uptake of STEM subjects we need to excite young people and show them everyone can enjoy and take part in STEM education. Geared Up for STEM engaged with young people from a variety of backgrounds and underrepresented groups, aiming to ignite an interest in STEM, increase the uptake of STEM subjects at higher education levels and promote economic prosperity through high quality STEM employment options.

Promoting STEM learning and careers plays a crucial role in fostering inclusivity and diversity. Historically, there has been a shortfall of women and underrepresented groups in STEM fields. By actively encouraging and supporting these groups to pursue STEM education and careers, we can create a more inclusive and diverse workforce, help to address gender and racial disparities, promote equality, and harnesses the power of diverse perspectives in driving innovation.

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