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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What Do I Buy My Dad on Father’s Day?

Does your Dad love technology and building things? This is the Rewise Learning guide to what to buy your Dad on Father’s Day.

Fathers day gift or experience dad day
Father and Son on Father's Day

What and when is Father’s Day?

Although most sons and daughters don’t need a specific day to thank and celebrate their Dad, Father’s Day is a special day that honours all people who have a paternal relationship with someone. Often, people celebrate Father’s Day by having lunch/dinner with their Dad and giving him a card and gift.

Father’s Day was actually invented by a woman. Sonora Smart Dodd established an official equivalent to Mother’s Day for male parents. She went around to local businesses to gather support for her idea, and on June 19, 1910, the state of Washington celebrated the first-ever Father's Day.

fathers day father day when is fathers day father's day gift ideas
Father's Day Activities

Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday of June every year in the UK. This year, Father’s Day lands on Sunday 20th June 2021. Make sure you put it in your diary or get organised now and buy a gift!

Rewise Learning Father’s Day Gift Guide

Rewise Learning STEM Kits use building, coding, and art skills to create a working remote controlled wooden vehicle or Bluetooth speaker. If your Father loves puzzles, building or decorating, our STEM Kits are a perfect Father’s Day present for him!

Coding Camper STEM Kit

dad gift for fathers day dad
Father's Day Gift Coding Camper

Does your Dad have a VW camper van? Rewise LearnThruTech Coding Camper kit is a unique STEM product that could be designed exactly like the van in his garage. Your Dad would be able build his own remote-controlled Surf Bus and have fun discovering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics along the way. The perfect gift for an enquiring mind.

Coding Car STEM Kit

what to get dad on fathers day car related
Coding Car Father's Day Gift

The LearnThruTech Coding Car kit is a unique learning resource to help develop problem solving, STEM-based learning, and critical thinking skills. Build your own remote-controlled race car and have fun discovering STEM learning. If your Dad enjoys racing, Formula 1 and race cars, why not suggest decorating the car just like his favourite one!

Coding TechTuk STEM Kit

fathers day travelling present
TechTuk Father's Day Present

Does your Dad love travelling? Our Tech Tuk kit gives a travelling twist on learning coding and engineering skills. The STEM Kit helps develop problem solving, STEM-based learning, and critical thinking skills. Build your own remote-controlled TukTuk and have fun discovering STEM based subjects.

BitBox Bluetooth Speaker STEM Kit

Boombox present for dad on fathers day
BitBox Father's Day Present

Although we might not like most of our Dad’s music taste, let him off when he plays the next 80s tune out of our Bluetooth Speaker. Learn to build your own Bluetooth controlled speaker and play all your favourite tunes with our BitBox Bluetooth Speaker Walkthrough. Boost your STEM skills and build, code, and decorate your own usable speaker.

We will be offering big promotions on all of our products next week for Father's Day. So, follow us and watch out on our social media platforms to find out more.


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