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Covid-19: Getting Help With Technology From Your School

How to access technology resources and guidance by the Department for Education (DfE) to help with remote learning

The get help with technology programme, provided by the Department for Education, enables students and parents to get support through technological devices. To sign up to the programme, parents, careers, or pupils should contact their schools to discuss what they need to be able to access remote education.

This programme aims to help disadvantaged families who cannot afford new technology devices or internet access. It will enable students who are learning at home, due to lockdown restrictions, to get involved with school activities online.

1. Children who cannot attend school because of Coronavirus to receive digital devices (laptops and tablets) at home

The DfE is providing laptops and tablets for the 2020-2021 academic year to schools in order to help families access remote education when in lockdown. The devices are made available to children in certain year groups that:

  • Are affected by the disruption to traditional education at their school

  • Are shielding as they are clinically extremely vulnerable

The government website will give you more information on how to apply to get laptops for children who cannot attend school due to COVID-19.

2. Getting internet access for families who cannot afford it

DfE has partnered with mobile network operators, such as EE, O2, Sky Mobile, Vodafone, and more, to help schools help disadvantaged pupils with access to the internet. Specifically, years 3-11 who rely on a mobile internet connection when their face-to-face education is disrupted.

The amount of data provided will vary depending on what provider your school is connected to. Schools, trusts, and local authorities will be able to request free internet for families if they are experiencing disruption during the terms of 2021 spring and summer. The government website has more information on this.

3. Managing digital devices and 4G wireless routers from the DfE

Local authorities, schools, and academy trusts that received laptops, tablets and 4g wireless routers received from the DfE during the 2020 summer term can be found in the government guidance on getting help with digital devices. Information includes:

  • Online safety

  • Management of mobile devices

  • Warranties

  • Contacting the support desk

4. Applying for a grant and getting support to set up with a digital education platform

Apply to get government-funded support to access G Suite for Education or Office 365. Get support and funding to set up a digital education page has information on how schools choose and apply for the most appropriate platform for them. Funded training and support is available to get you set up and be able to use the technology effectively.

Schools can get access to funded advice and training from the EdTech Demonstrators, a network of schools and colleges expert in the use of technology.

Rewise Learning

Once your school has provided your device to you, you can start to discover many different e-learning platforms such as Rewise Learning.


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