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Our Online Music Courses, Lessons, and Classes

Everybody Loves Music

Most people love listening to music. Lots of people often have a soundtrack which changes throughout our lives. The songs that define who we are and what we do.

However, have you ever thought about learning your life's soundtracks through music courses and online music lessons? We can help you build on your skills to help you master the basics of the instrument you are trying to learn.

What Are Online Music Courses?

Online music courses allow students to access learning instruments and theory from the comfort of their own homes. Music lessons are delivered through digital devices through online video platforms. This allows students wanting to learn music easily accessible music lessons.

Do Online Music Lessons Work?

The majority of information for learning music is visual, so using an online video platform is a great way to get the information across. Files can be sent across using the internet, which means information can be stored and sent over to the online music course student easily. Online music lessons are a great way to add excitement into the student’s house.

Are These Music Courses in Line with Covid-19 Precautions?

As these music lessons are via online video platforms, our online courses are running despite potential lockdowns or social distancing. Our online music courses are delivered safely and directly to student’s homes from digital devices.

What Do We Offer?

LearnThruMusic music courses use music technology theory, digital and traditional musical instruments, singing, spoken word, and rapping to help home school and music students with life skills, cross-curricular subjects, and improving confidence. Rewise Learning music courses allow home school students to learn in a different way and have important interaction with other students.

Examples of Our Music Courses Include:

Home Guitar Lessons

Acoustic and electric guitar live and recorded online music lessons with our tutors Oliver and Lee. This online music course will help you master the basics of guitar.

Home School Music Production

Discover all the digital music production skills you will need to create songs in a range of genres. With industry standard music software, you can explore different recording techniques and find the best music production practices for you.

Home School Music Theory

Gain an understanding of the basic building blocks of musical theory and notation. This course, An Introduction to Music Theory, will introduce you to concepts such as music staves, clefs, rhythmic and pitch values, rhythmic metre, and time signatures.

Home Harmonica Lessons

Our online home school harmonica lessons will help you learn both the practical and theoretical elements of playing the harmonica.

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