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When Are Pupils Going To Return to School In The UK?

When Are Pupils Going To Return to School?

If you have children who are at home or you are currently a student home schooling due to Covid-19, you may be wondering when are children returning to school? Last week, Boris Johnson gave us some insight into when schools may be reopening.

Schools reopening is The Government’s focus in lockdown three as it will give a sense of normality returning. We are now past the highest peak of the current wave of Coronavirus, meaning the number of people infected is decreasing. This is why governments are looking into opening schools.

The Education Secretary has said that all schools will be given a two week notice period for when students are returning. This will give schools time to prepare for intake of students and to make it safe for their return.

Reopening Schools in England

Mr Johnson has predicted, if the rate of vaccinations is as expected, schools will be looking to open fully on the 8th March 2021. However, he could not guarantee schools opening before the Easter holidays which are starting the before 2nd April.

Reopening Schools in Wales

The youngest of school children, aged 3 to 7, will return to school earlier than the rest. This is expected to be on the 22nd February. The date of which the older and majority of school children returning to school has not yet been confirmed.

Reopening Schools in Scotland

Similarly to Wales, full time education of young school children will start again on the 22nd February. There may be a part-time return of senior secondary school pupils so they can complete their work for national qualifications. This will begin the staggered return of all pupils to school.

Reopening Schools in Northern Ireland

Like England, schools will remain closed until at least the 8th March. It is likely that students will be back after the Easter holidays but depends on the rate of vaccinations.

What Exceptions Mean Pupils Can Go To School

Schools are still open for a minority of pupils. If the student has a parent that is a key worker, are deemed vulnerable, or have special needs they can go into school. At the start of lockdown three, it was rumoured schools were still “rammed” due to these exceptions.

What about exams?

All exams, including GCSE and A-level, are not going ahead in any of the UK in 2021. Instead, grades will be estimated using teacher’s predictions and based on evidence from mock exams and coursework.

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