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The European Social Fund: What Types of Programmes Can Be Funded By The ESF?

What is the European Social Fund?

The European Social Fund is a financial tool in the European Union to support employment. The EU social fund also aids in the promotion of economic and social cohesion within the EU. The ESF is around 10% of the European Union’s total spending budget making it one of their most important spends.

Making sure Europeans have the right skills for the right job is a big challenge, The European Social Fund gives grants to organisations and projects in order to improve the education and opportunities. A lot of regional employment programmes are funded in this way.

Alongside helping with unemployment, The European Fund aims to improve the situation of most vulnerable people who are at risk of poverty and being homeless. The fund will also fund projects that focus on social inclusion such as community programmes.

Our programme funded by the European Social Fund

Rewise Learning created a music-based project which aimed to improve the skills and confidence of young unemployed people in Llanelli, Bridgend, Neath Port Talbot, and Swansea. More locations may be added in the future.

This European Social Fund funded project involves groups of young people, 16-25 years old, who are NEET (not in education, employment or training). The programme allows them to create their own song with the aim to build confidence and improve their soft and hard employability skills.

With the help of our musically trained staff, participants are taught how to write songs, compose, and use industry standard music software in order to create a unique song about their hopes and dreams. The individuals also have the opportunity to try the latest digital instruments as-well-as more traditional ones to add to the instrumental of the song.

The participants use the creation and performance of music to boost self-expression and develop confidence. The idea’s foundation was built around the idea of how simple ideas can be created into a full-blown production; small steps into a larger life goal. At the end of the 5-day course, the participants gained skills through one to one support, professional/social connections, and a level 1 or level 2 qualification.

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