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Corporate Social Responsibility: What is CSR?

CSR can help your business give back to those who need it the most, but what actually is CSR?

CSR strategy planning
CSR Planning

What is CSR in Business?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a business model which allows a company to self-regulate it's social accountability. Businesses using CSR will make it easier for stakeholders and the public to feel a connection with the company. CSR pushes the company to have an interest on how their business affects society, the economy, and environment.

When a business practices Corporate Social Responsibility, the company will use tactics and programmes in aim to enhance parts of society and the environment. These action can counter-balance or over-throw negative business operations. For example, business plants a tree for every sale.

Why should a company carry out CSR programmes?

CSR project - planting a tree for corporate social responsibility
Planting a tree for CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility helps both stakeholders outside and inside of the organisation. CSR projects and activities can help bring employees and their company closer together. Taking part in these projects can help workers boost morale and sense of belonging when working together in a team to achieve social or environmental benefits. Employees may feel more connected with with society around them once being part of a CSR project.

CSR can positively enhance the company's brand image. Customers may be more likely to buy from the business if they are perceived as more ethical. Public relations use CSR programmes as an important component to boost customer relationships. If the business wants to create a personal connection with clients and employees, they should implement a CSR strategy.

Example of Corporate Social Responsibility: Tesco

tesco works with farmers to ensure csr is right
Agriculture CSR

Let's take one of the biggest companies in the UK, Tesco. They use 4 p's to make sure they don't miss anything; people, planet, product, places. Tesco makes sure they touch all communities in which they sell to. They donate to communities is many ways whether this is through supporting charities and local projects to donating good quality surplus food to those who need it the most.

Environmentally, Tesco say they are focused on tackling global climate change. One major CSR project Tesco implements is working with farmers to protect water resources, biodiversity, climate, and soil health. When potential customers see these CSR initiatives through the media, they are more likely to shop at Tesco as they are perceived as more ethical.

Rewise Learning CSR Education Initiatives

We ensure brands connect with communities and society through innovative training, education, learning, and play. Rewise Learning can help you create and deliver bespoke CSR projects and CSR educational programs to help your business give back to those who need it the most.

GFG Foundation CSR

CSR education project geared up for STEM
GFG Foundation CSR Project

Rewise devised a STEM-based CSR education programme for GFG Foundation to be delivered in each comprehensive school throughout Newport. The aim of the programme was to ignite an interest in STEM subjects through practical and hands-on activities which were both educational and fun.

Alongside student’s being able to improve their skills, all people involved and the wider public were showcased the ethos and social responsibility of GFG Foundation/GFG Alliance. The education project created greater brand awareness of GFG Foundation and its community work to develop the skills of young people.

Are you searching for an education based bespoke CSR project for your business? Why not contact us below to find out what we can do for your company.


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